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A few months ago, I created a round-up review based around underground trap music. I wanted to investigate the rap genre further, so decided to start another review, this time based around all the different sub-genres of rap music. There are several tracks reviewed below, as well as a banging playlist at the end!

Review by Jane Howkins

Picture by Super Saiyan Jay

Super Saiyan Jay – Keep It Direct

The first song up is Keep It Direct by Super Saiyan Jay, an artist from Palm Beach creating positive vibes within his music. The track starts with an old school style piano melody, before the trap vibes appear, in part due to the eerie bass melody and the style of the percussion. The piano melds well with the rest of the music, giving it a haunting quality. Jay’s vocals suit the style well, with little vocal additions appearing every so often to give them a rhythmic quality.

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Tremayne – Daddy Issues ft. Backwash & Charlie Noiir

Tremayne is a Canadian rapper, with his latest release, Daddy Issues, also featuring Backwash & Charlie Noiir. One of the things that struck me most about this song was the unique way in which the vocals are used on the verses, with the higher pitched moments making it sound very atmospheric and emotive throughout, fitting with the groovy basslines of the music well. The vocals on the choruses are sung, adding a nice sense of variety to the track.

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Dann Dib – Crazy World

Crazy World is a little mellower than the previous songs, having elements of r&b present within it, alongside the hip-hop and rap moments. Dann Dib’s vocals sound very soulful in their smooth manner, with a great flow to them. A little guitar motif runs alongside the beat and bass, with this minimalist style helping to lead the vocals to a deeper prominence. It’s more of a chilled out rap song, also featuring Allison Bysouth’s gorgeous singing on the chorus.

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Nicco Homaili – 666

A simple yet effective synth melody opens up 666, before the frantic percussion kicks the song into the next gear as Nicco Homaili’s half rapped/half-sung vocals take control of the music. The drums are really impressive, sounding busy, yet also setting the tone for the music perfectly. Autotune is used quite prominently, but it works well with the genre of music, creating a stylish atmosphere.

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BHŌPFUL – Who I Are?

Who I Are? is another mellow song, starting with a gorgeous acoustic guitar melody that wouldn’t sound out of place in a folk song. The main chord sequence is really beautiful, and the lyrics have a poetic quality to them that works well with BHŌPFUL’s soulful vocals, which are sometimes rapped, and sometimes sung. Female vocals also appear to harmonise on the chorus, giving the music a subtle beauty.

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Terrarri – PU L L U P

Terrarri is an independent artist producing his own tracks, which makes them sound all the more impressive! P U L L U P mixes together moments of rap, hip-hop and trap, featuring a simplistic piano melody underneath the catchy beat. The vocals are the main focus of the song, seeing Terrari switching between autotuned singing and a more Southern style rap sound. This underground artist is certainly on the up!

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Aryan Kapoor – PLASTICHRTZ

Aryan Kapoor is a musician and vocalist spending his time between Dubai and LA, adding two different cultural elements into his music. PLASTICHRTZ opens with a traditional acoustic guitar melody, before the tempo ups with the addition of a fast percussive beat. Aryan has an interesting flow to his rapping, sounding more spoken at times, drawing the listener in with ease. You’ll need to listen to this a few times to fully appreciate everything going on here!

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Layers of lush synths open up Broadcast on this experimental number – it makes it sound very different from a lot of the rap music currently circulating on the airwaves at the moment, so it’s definitely one to watch for those who like their music a little different. As well as the synths, different vocal layers overlap over each other on JASMINEGOLD’s latest – it sounds quite busy at first, but it somehow works, despite the short nature of the track.

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D. Alexander – Twin

Twin is a really ethereal sounding song, in part due to the vocal effects, which make the music sound really dreamy. The track has quite a slow beat, moving steadily through the song and dropping off occasionally, to accentuate the vocals and the backing effects well. D. Alexander’s music has a fantastic ambience to it, creating a cool sense of tension as the song progresses on, although the vocals are the true stand outs here.

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Calvin Ryan – Sucia

Sucia has more of a Latin-infused sound to it, in part due to the beat and the percussion styles used. Calvin Ryan’s music would fit the pop genre well, as well as the rap/hip-hop genres, with both singing and rapping taking pride of place in this track. The little piano line that runs through the music has an old school quality to it, adding yet another individual element to his unique sounding song!

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Noa Sabi – Come To Class

Come To Class opens with some spoken word vocals and an offbeat percussive rhythm, alongside some gorgeous trickling piano lines. The song then kicks in proper, with singing and rapping appearing at different times, as well as an eerie organ melody which suits the music surprisingly well. Noa Sabi’s song is one of the only tracks on this list featuring female vocals, showing that women can rap just as well as the men!

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James Gardin – Trophies

James Gardin is a musician from Michigan, hoping to inspire and empower people with his music. Trophies certainly has an anthemic vibe from the start, with an impressive horn section providing most of the instrumentation here, alongside the drums and bass. James raps along to the catchy beat, making you want to dance along in time – just listen to the music and see if it doesn’t get you moving!

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Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L – B.E.C (Baconeggandcheese)

The curiously titled B.C.C (Baconeggandcheese) is a new release from Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L, who’s music is probably best categorised as being within the trap/drill rap genres. A haunting, siren-esque synth melody runs through the piece, with a minimalist drum beat covering the rest of the music. The song has a great deal of tension to it, with the vocals being rapped at an impressive speed!

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RenoValay – Vision

Vision opens with a selection of sequenced string effects, alongside a dark grime style beat and some creeping synths, giving the track a haunting atmosphere. RenoValay’s vocals have an urgency and intensity to them that is largely unmatched, with a rapid flow that makes it hard to keep up at times! The strings really add something special to this track, so make sure you check it out below!

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Laura Brizuela – Visions

Visions is quite different to a lot of the songs here, as it has more of a mainstream pop vibe to it, although it still has elements of hip-hop and trap present, especially with the beat and the dark melodies surrounding the song. Laura Brizuela’s vocals are mostly sung, although she does occasionally break out into a unique style of rapping, with the dynamic changes making the track really stand out!

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Atomic Baby – Opium

Opium is perhaps the most experimental song on this list, produced by the amazing Atomic Baby. The track has an industrial feel to it at times, due to the way the percussion and bass merge together. The vocals have a whispered rapping sound to them, playing well alongside the main synth melody. The music ends rather abruptly with some special effects including the sound of rain falling, making it sound very different from anything else here!

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