EP Review: New Enemies – New Enemies

Philadelphia band New Enemies have recently released a self-titled EP, also titled New Enemies. The indie folk group used to be known as Turning Violet Violent, but they’ve changed their name in the meantime, so if you were a fan of their previous iteration, then you should also check out their new music under this moniker!

By Jane Howkins

There are four songs on this EP, with the first song also being the title track, New Enemies. It opens with a simplistic fingerpicked guitar melody that sounds beautiful, despite its minimalist, circling style. The piano follows the guitar line well, with small vocal lines repeating the title of the song appearing. The song has a very dreamy feel, drawing the listener in instantly.

There’s A Way is a little more upbeat, featuring a catchy drum beat, alongside the guitar lines that accompany it. The piano is still there, playing somewhat in the background, sounding beautiful as the song progresses. This is the first song proper, with New Enemies being more of an intro song, as There’s A Way displays the band’s positive indie folk stylings well. The music has a lovely summery vibe, just right for this time of year!

If The Shoe Fits takes things up a notch, sounding more like a rock song in its own right, featuring a catchy guitar riff that runs throughout most of the song, with the bass, percussion and vocals following in time. The female vocals are displayed more here, adding a softer quality, alongside the heavier, rock and roll sound. This is one for the rockers amongst you, showing a band capable of including many different genres in their music.

We’re Not sounds like a bit of a mix of the previous two tracks, incorporating indie, rock and folk music into its musical folds. The chorus melody is beautiful, working well with the female vocals. The verses have a palm muted guitar melody, making for a nice dynamic change between the slightly quieter verses and the louder choruses, which will fill your ears with a burst of catchy energy.

Guitar music is thought by some to have died a death long ago, but New Enemies show that this is not true, incorporating a range of different guitar-based genres into their music. New Enemies is a wonderful EP, especially for those into rock, indie and folk music.

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