EP Review: Slater – I’d Ghost Me Too

The hilariously titled I’d Ghost Me Too is a new EP from hard-hitting London rockers Slater, consisting of just three tracks, designed to keep it short and sweet and keep you wanting for more! The band have been compared to acts such as Led Zeppelin and Catfish And The Bottlemen, making for an exciting sound all round!

By Jane Howkins

Boyfriend bursts onto the scene immediately with a huge rupture of sound, before the palm-muted verses start up. Slater play with their dynamics quite a bit over the course of the track, with louder and quieter bits cutting into each other, leaving the listener constantly guessing. The song has quite a positive vibe to it, laced with interesting guitar riffs and solos that underplay the emotive vocals well.

Here She Comes is catchy from the off, with a gorgeous guitar melody kicking the music off alongside the indie rock vocals. This is more of a straight up rock and roll song with some indie rock elements also thrown in for good measure. The verses are the high point of the song, although the entire thing sounds fantastic, with a heartfelt breakdown occurring towards the end.

Winston really shows Slater’s songwriting skills off well, featuring an amazing chord sequence that is simply divine. This track is a little faster than the other two, fitting the punk genre well. It breaks down into a short acoustic section every so often, making for a nice change from the heavy riffage. The song goes through several different movements, leaving you constantly wondering what will be next!

Slater are a British rock band on the up and up. I would be very surprised if these guys didn’t hit the headlines soon, with their own brand of genre-bending rock music being unlike anything else happening in the rock scene at the moment.

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