EP Review: Sahara Beck – And Her Kryptonite

Sahara Beck is a pop singer with a difference, as whilst her music does have some mainstream pop aspects, it’s also different enough to make her stand out from the crowd. Her EP And Her Kryptonite really caught my attention, so I thought it would be worthwhile doing a review, in the hope that more people will get into her music!

By Jane Howkins

First song Crave Me draws the listener in instantly, with a gorgeous plucked melody on what sounds like a violin playing through the verses, which is really unique in a pop song! It adds to the rhythm of the piece in a lovely manner, also making it sound rather catchy! Sahara’s vocals are really strong here, and the chorus is epic.

Kryptonite opens in a slightly different manner, featuring a synthy bass melody which is also quite distinct, with more swirling synths playing through the background of the song, before the 80s style percussion kicks in. Sahara’s vocals are really on point here, having a great deal of power to them. I found myself reminded a little of Marina’s music on this 80s style pop song.

Nothing Wrong With That changes things up even more, with the opening vocal line having a classic soul/Motown/r&b vibe. The verse rhythm is slow and steady, with a lovely piano line accompanying the drums and acting as part of the rhythm – the song also has some stunning backing vocals, performing under the lead vocals in style. This was one of my favourite songs on the entire EP!

Stillness takes things down a notch, having more of a dark indie-pop sound to it, due in part to the steady guitar line that follows through the song. It sounds really beautiful at times, showing Sahara’s songwriting skills off well. The chord sequence used is amazing, with little spaghetti western style guitar lines appearing occasionally on the verses. The chorus is also hauntingly beautiful.

Teenage Dirtbag is the final song on the EP and is a cover of the famous Wheatus song, although Sahara changes it up massively, with this version sounding more like a folk song, featuring a slow fingerpicked acoustic guitar melody running through the verses and choruses. It really helps to show Sahara’s stunning vocal range off, and it’s great to hear such a unique version of the track.

And Her Kryptonite shows that Sahara Beck is a singer-songwriter with a difference, appealing to fans of many different genres. It’s a fantastic EP overall, and there should be something for everyone here.

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