EP Review: John McDonough – We’ll Answer The Call

John McDonough is an insightful and evocative singer-songwriter and musician, creating beautiful folky pieces that light up the soul. Upon hearing his new EP, We’ll Answer The Call, I just knew I had to share it with the world, so make sure you check out the stream at the bottom of this review!

By Jane Howkins

Shooting Star sets the tone for the EP well, starting out with a haunting fingerpicked acoustic guitar melody. The track has a traditional folk bent to it, as well as moments of Americana and country, with John’s lyrics being a stand out for me here – they have all the hallmarks of a typical ballad, drawing the listener in immediately. It’s a beautiful start to We’ll Answer The Call, especially when mixed with the eerie backing vocals on the chorus.

Love You Just For You is more of a positive sounding song, although it’s no less wonderful due to this. The pace is a little faster, with more major chords being used on the guitar, as some pretty piano lines appear over time. John’s vocals are a little raw, but they suit the style of music well, and I wouldn’t have them any other way.

Among The Stars is a stripped-down track, being one of the quietest songs on the entire EP. The opening acoustic guitar melody soon changes into a palm-muted motif on the verses, accenting John’s vocals well. The chorus provided a nice dynamic change, bringing in the percussion, before it all slows down again on the next verse. The organ that occasionally appears is a lovely touch too.

The guitar melodies that open up title track We’ll Answer The Call are beautiful, with what sounds like a couple of different guitar lines overlapping each other underneath John’s vocals. This is another song where the dynamics become louder on the chorus, leaving the listener constantly guessing.

Point Me East closes the EP down in a lovely fashion, bringing the tempo back down again. This is another traditional folk ballad, with a gorgeous string section joining the acoustic guitars and piano to add an enhanced sense of beauty to proceedings. The chorus is particularly stunning, leaving you smiling well after the song has finished.

We’ll Answer The Call is a great EP, suitable for anyone into their Americana, folk or country music. John McDonough is a rising talent and I urge you to check this out, particularly Shooting Star, which I will be playing on repeat!

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