EP Review: Unapologetically Melodic – False Nostalgia

Unapologetically Melodic is an evocative classical project that also has an occasional cinematic bent to it, as well as sounding beautiful. False Nostalgia is a new 5 track EP from the project and it’s well worth your time!

By Jane Howkins

The EP starts in wonderful style with opener Anemoia, which is hauntingly beautiful from the start. The instrumentation on this piece comes from the piano, showing just how skilled Unapologetically Melodic is at playing. It almost sounds as though there are multiple pianos being played at once, with more and more layered piano lines being added as the piece continues on to its satisfying conclusion.

Easthallow Moors is slightly more up-tempo, although still very much defined by the piano playing. It’s got an interesting rhythm, sounding like an army marching across the moors, adding an epic quality to the music. The bass piano adds a rhythmic feel, with little motifs being added on the right hand, setting the scene nicely as it conjures up images in the mind.

Bircham Manor draws on the themes of the previous songs, although also having a darker quality to it. There’s a great sense of melody to this track (as with the other songs on this EP), with the flowing piano sound growing over time, with some strings being added in the background to ramp the tension up fully. It’s stunning in it’s beauty.

Parasols is more of a traditional classical piece, with a repeating motif occurring on the left hand, as the right hand accompanies it in style. As with the other songs on False Nostalgia, it’s incredibly well thought out, with the song changing ever so slightly as it progresses, keeping the listener interested throughout.

The title track, False Nostalgia, is also the final piece on the EP. The main melody is rather fast, with little high notes dashed in every so often to accentuate the rhythmic bass lines more. Again, this is the work of a highly skilled musician, and it’s a track that sounds almost eerie at times, whilst also being haunting.

I’m a big lover of classical music and as you can probably tell, I really enjoyed False Nostalgia. It’s an EP that really works best when played as a whole, so make sure you listen to it in order the first time round!

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