EP Review: Amie Jay – Cancer Sun

Amie Jay is an alt-pop artist who has made started to make a name for herself in London, slowly gaining traction with her wonderful brand of pop music. Cancer Sun is a new EP from her, being officially released today. It’s a great EP and one that sounds a little different from the mainstream norm, so make sure you check it out if you like your pop music!

By Jane Howkins

The EP opens up straight away with Unashamed, which features some unique percussion, making it sound frantic from the very start! Little flourishes appear in the background of the song, meaning that you’ll need to listen to it several times to take everything in. The guitars and bass sound like they could belong in an indie rock song, with Amie’s vocals seeming perfect throughout.

Title track Cancer Sun arrives next, having an 80s vibe to it at times, due in part to the huge percussion style and the synthy bass melodies in the background. It’s a much mellower song than Unashamed, with a slower tempo – although it still sounds expansive and huge! The production quality on the entire EP is very well done, but it stands out particularly here.

Sweet Nostalgia sounds even more 80s, with the opening synths harking back to that decade in style. However, there are some more modern moments on the track, with the percussion and bass adding a nice rhythmic quality to the piece, pushing the song along to its satisfying conclusion. This also allows Amie’s vocals to stand out on the chorus, and stand out they do!

Start Again is a stripped-down track with dreamy vibes, changing Amie’s style up considerably. An organ appears in the background of the first verse, making it all seem very beautiful. The vocal effects on the chorus work well with the lead vocals and the backing vocals, increasing the atmospheric feel of the music. It’s a great closing song, showcasing all of Amie’s abilities well.

Amie Jay is a welcome addition to the UK music scene and it’s great to hear a pop singer doing something a bit different, as the tracks on Cancer Sun show.

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