EP Review: Grant Borland – Fragments

Grant Borland is a composer for films, games, trailers and television, creating cinematic soundscapes within his music. His EP, Fragments, was released back in May of this year – those into their classical music or film soundtracks should enjoy it.

By Jane Howkins

The EP starts with the title track, Fragments, beginning with a staccato style piano melody, as other motifs are slowly added in the background. The tension slowly builds up as the new elements are added, culminating in something that sounds both epic and beautiful, all at the same time. Slight percussion can be heard in the background if you listen carefully, although the piano is the main instrument used here.

Unfold is a lighter piece of classical music, featuring a less edgy piano line opening things up in a twinkly fashion. It’s much slower than the previous song, with a couple of different piano melodies running side by side alongside each other. The music is very atmospheric, creating a wintery feel, sounding very evocative throughout.

Moss takes the tempo up again, featuring a bass piano line that has a similar rhythm to the one contained in Fragments, making it sound very urgent indeed. Several higher melodies performed on the right hand appear, overlapping each other to the point that you’ll need to listen to the track a few times to fully appreciate everything going on here, but it sounds haunting nevertheless.

Heirloom starts out with a flowing piano melody, interspersed with some other notes that help to provide a bit of variety to the arpeggio motif that carries the tune on to its satisfying conclusion. Some electronic backing effects are added as the piece continues, giving the music an ethereal and mystical quality – it all sounds very atmospheric, drawing the listener into Grant’s surreal musical world, before the music slows down at the end.

Father is the final track, featuring a faster arpeggio piano melody, sweeping through the music in style, evoking the feeling of running in this reviewer. This provides the backbone to the piece, as other piano motifs are added over time, serving to increase the atmospheric tension created by the main bass piano line. This tune really helps to showcase Grant’s talents, showing him to be an incredibly gifted composer.

Fragments is a wintery sounding EP that conjures up vivid and expressive pictures in the mind, which is a testament to Grant Borland’s piano powers. I can’t wait to hear more of his classical pieces in the future!

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