EP Review: Dime Store Hustlers – Ground & Pound

Indianapolis based rock band Dime Store Hustlers have released an EP that is bursting from the seams with high octane energy, titled Ground & Pound. The production quality is a little raw at times, but that actually works well with the style of music they produce. We’re also giving away ten free Bandcamp codes to buy the EP, so if you’d like one, just contact us at getinvolved@yorkcalling.co.uk

By Jane Howkins

The first song is called Spirit Of 76, which is an apt title considering that the band have an old school rock and roll vibe to their music, as well as some punky qualities. This garage rock song has immense energy, with a fast-paced beat and crushing riffs being the name of the game here, making it all sound very groovy when played underneath the vocals, which are spat out in style.

Last Daylight is more of a mid-tempo rocker, bringing the tone down a little. The vocals are more on display here, having a soulful crooning quality to them. The song is actually rather catchy at times, particularly on the chorus, with the guitar lines sounding much more melodic here than on the previous song, providing a nice change in dynamics.

Pale Lady (Ride On) is a really groovy song, with immense riffs on both the guitars and an organ appearing, bringing the music back to the glory days of 70s hard rock music. The song oozes attitude, having a proper sense of rock and roll cool to it. The guitar licks are particularly impressive here, with some amazing solos occurring every so often.

Cocaine & Lighter is another old school banger, although it also has a bluesy vibe to it, with some eerie sounding guitar lines pulling the song through the verses, with little solos branching off every so often. The end of the track changes slightly, having a faster rhythm, building up and raising the tension, with the vocals repeating the refrain “here I go” over and over again.

Final track Rust Belt Anthem sounds like an amazing culmination of all the other songs on display here, having elements from them all. The vocals are very interesting, with a female voice being added, changing the tone of the EP completely (but in a positive way). They make it all sound wonderfully catchy, whilst still retaining that classic rock and roll style.

Dime Store Hustlers are a band that manage to combine the modern with the classic on their latest EP Ground & Pound, which is something they should be applauded for. If you like the sound of the EP, then contact us for a free copy – hurry though, as there are only ten available!

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