Monthly Favourites #7

Regular readers of this site will be well aware of my regular featured based around my favourite songs of the month. It’s that time again – listed below are a number of tunes that I enjoyed listening to recently, from a wide variety of genres, so there should be something for everyone here!

Review by Jane Howkins

Picture by Yelmur

Yelmur – Insomnia

Yelmur is a genre-bending project created by composer and producer Jelmer de Haan, with Insomnia being his latest release. The track starts out with an eerie melody, as percussion and other backing effects are slowly added into the mix. The piece has a really creepy vibe at times, changing through different motifs as it progresses – there’s a funky bassline that appears later on, which changes the tone of the music completely, making it sound very experimental overall.

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Kinga Angelys – Second Chances

Second Chances is a little different from the previous song, being more of a straight up pop track. An acoustic guitar melody provides the main instrumentation on the verses, acting in a rhythmic manner, making it sound infectiously catchy. The same rhythm continues throughout the tune, with other elements being added in the background, showing the chorus to be a proper banger, especially with how good Kinga Angelys’ vocals are!

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I Am The Unicorn Head – All The Right Things

I Am The Unicorn Head are an indie/alt rock duo based in both the UK and the USA, making it all the more impressive how good All The Right Things sounds! It’s quite a unique sounding song, as it has a lot of backing effects, vying for attention at the same time. The vocals sound a little distant in the mix, but this actually works well with the dreamy vibes the music has, pulling the listener in for the ride as the the track continues.

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Sicily Jordan – You Got Me

One of the first things that struck me about You Got Me at first was the funky bassline – it’s great to hear such a prominent bass! Sicily Jordan has a fantastic vocal range, providing a lot of power to this pop banger. Synthy effects appear every so often, colliding with the fast rhythm in style, as Sicily’s vocals soar on the chorus. The strings sound amazing, making the song sound truly epic at times!

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MuddiBrooke – You Don’t Own Me

MuddiBrooke’s song You Don’t Own Me is one for all the rockers out there, bringing a hard rock sound to this list. The female vocals work really well with the style of music, sounding almost symphonic at times. The arpeggio guitar line on the verses brings a bluesy quality to the song, with the chorus having an epic heavy metal sound, seeing the powerful vocals truly shine through – you can really feel the emotion in the vocals at this point.

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Voodoo Bloo – We’re Here, Love Is Somewhere Else

We’re Here, Love Is Somewhere Else sounds epic from the very start, featuring a frantic drum rhythm that combines well with the synths and the walls of guitars that characterise this indie rock banger so well. Voodoo Bloo’s vocals sound very urgent, working well with the rest of the music. The track also has elements of the 80s indie rock scene and the hard rock genres, making it sound very different from anything I’ve ever heard before!

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The Routine – Tell Me This Is Something (You Want To Do?)

The guitar riffs on Tell Me This Is Something (You Want To Do?) have an upbeat and positive feel to them, sounding like something that would fit both the hard rock and indie rock genres well. The Routine have managed to create a rock song that is also very catchy, with the vocals having a grungy quality to them. The chorus changes things up a little into a harder and faster song, whilst still managing to sound melodic, due to the infectious backing vocals.

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The Lemon Cult – Pollen

Pollen opens with a catchy synth melody, harking back to the glory days of the 80s, whilst still retaining a modern sound. The Lemon Cult have created a dreamy pop song here, as differing synth melodies appear every so often, alongside the mid-tempo drum beat and the droning bass that plays underneath the rest of the music. The vocals follow a similar line throughout the track, which also follows the main synth melody for the most part.

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a_shes – Party Politics

The interestingly titled a_shes have created another unique sounding EDM style track in the form of Party Politics. The music opens with a pretty synth melody on the piano, with 80s-esque drum beats providing a huge and expansive sounding backbone to the music. The vocals are fairly monotone but they work well here, as the music lifts up and up, drawing the listener in to a_shes happy EDM world.

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Frank Joshua – Rain (Azido 88 Remix)

As the title suggests, Rain (Azido 88 Remix) is a remix of the original song by Frank Joshua, a singer-songwriter and musician based in London. The song sounds really beautiful at times, with some lovely clean electric guitar lines running through the piece, with gorgeous synths and piano melodies occurring every so often, causing the music to swell around Frank’s lovely vocals. The beat is a little fast, but it works surprisingly well.

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Jordan Jones – Flawless

Jordan Jones is an artist that we’ve featured fairly recently, so it’s great to be able to share his new 80s infused pop song Flawless with the world. It’s a fairly mainstream sounding pop song, but there’s enough here to differentiate it from a lot of the other stuff in the charts right now – Jordan’s vocals are incredibly soulful throughout, mixing well with the minimalist vibes of the music, allowing his vocals to truly stand out,

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Teddy Clarke – Stick & Poke

Singer-songwriter Teddy Clarke’s music contains elements of folk music, but I also felt there was something of an indie quality to it, as Stick & Poke features some jangly guitar melodies, alongside the little piano flourishes in the background. Teddy’s vocals are rather deep, having a lot of depth to them, reminding me a little of Morrissey at times. The main chord sequence on the chorus is rather haunting at times, showing just how good a songwriter he is!

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Arin – Own Worst Enemy

Arin is a singer-songwriter and producer based in London, creating lovely little pop ditties with a mainstream pop vibe, as displayed in latest release, Own Worst Enemy. There’s some really interesting percussion going on in this song, meaning you’ll have to listen to it through a few times to fully appreciate everything! The vocals have a lot of autotune, but it works well on this song, especially with the little synth motifs in the background.

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Palm Trees In Moscow – Drunk At The Airport

Drunk At The Airport is an indie pop song with dreamy vibes, as displayed by the jangly guitar lines that open the song up. The vocals have a lot of effects on them, making them sound slightly distant in the mix, although they actually suits the dreamy vibes well. The chorus is a little heavier, featuring lots of cymbals on the drum kit and a harsher style of vocal. It won’t be for everyone, but Palm Trees In Moscow come well recommended from me!

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The Lunar Keys – Oxygen Type

The Lunar Keys are another band that we’ve featured before, so if you liked their previous work, then make sure you check out Oxygen Type! They’re an alt rock/indie rock band with a melodic backbone to their music. This track follows that path well, featuring huge buzzsaw riffs that formulate around a catchy melody, with the vocals on the chorus promoting some immense backing vocals, that help to make it sound even more unforgettable!

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Jzzy – After Effects

The combined electric guitar melodies that kick off After Effects are instantly memorable, working well together as they run along in sync. Jzzy’s vocals appear soon after, showing that she has a fantastic voice. This track has elements of pop-punk, but it also fits the alt-pop genre well, having a percussion style that would also suit the hip-hop genre It’s great to hear so many different styles being combined into one!

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Found Instruments – You’ve Got A Lot To Learn

Rounding off this list nicely is Found Instruments, an indie pop project created by singer-songwriter Jack Joseph. The tempo is rather slow, having a waltzy beat to it which works amazingly well with the rest of the music. Swirling synths and gorgeous guitar melodies mix in style, playing along underneath Jack’s stunning vocals on You’ve Got A Lot To Learn. The accordion is also a lovely touch.

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