Interview: Little DNGR

Little DNGR is an amazing group who recently released a song called i love DANGER, which we reviewed. If you liked the track, then don’t miss out on this exclusive interview!

By Jane Howkins

You recently released a new track titled i love DANGER, which we reviewed. What can you tell us about the song?

i love DANGER was actually meant to be our debut single. It’s one of the first songs we wrote for this band and the bulk of it came together in about an hour. It’s got a little bit of all the elements that make up the littleDNGR sound; it’s dark and sexy, but also fun and playful. We like to think that if Bonnie & Clyde wrote a love song, i love DANGER would be it. 

How has the reception been so far? It’s a fantastic song!

Thank you! We’ve been overwhelmed by the response, so far. We were all set to release this song back in early 2020 and then the world shutdown… We eventually decided to release Brand New World a few months into the pandemic. It was a successful release but it was a lot more work navigating a new release during a global pandemic. We decided instead to focus on writing and recording more material until it felt right to start releasing music again. Now, almost exactly two years later, we finally felt like it was the right time to put out i love DANGER and we’re so glad it’s out! 

Do you plan to release any more singles?

Absolutely! We’ve got so many songs waiting to come out and plan to release them over the next few months. 

Do you have any plans to release an EP or album soon?

We’re focusing on singles right now, but an EP could be possible early next year. 

Your music is quite poppy, but it also has quite a few other genres in there. What/who influences you most as artists? What have you been listening to lately?

We listen to a lot of music and are always turning each other on to stuff, old and new. We each grew up with very different music playing around the house, but somehow ended up liking a lot of the same stuff. We’re both big fans of Radiohead, The Kills, Phantogram, Unloved and K. Flay. Lately we’ve been loving the Bruno Mars/Anderson Paak collaboration band, Silk Sonic. We also recently discovered a fun UK band, Wet Leg, who we have on heavy rotation at the moment.

You’re based in Los Angeles. What is the music scene like there at the moment?

LA is such a huge hub for creatives and we love being a part of the scene here. On the one hand, the pandemic made it difficult to stay connected with everything, but now that things are opening back up after such a long time, there seems to be a renewed sense of community. Like we all made it through this thing together. As tough as it was, it’s made things better on the other side of it.

Did the Pandemic hinder you?

The pandemic definitely made things a lot more complicated. We touched on how tough it was to release music. Writing sessions over zoom got old really fast. We played a couple of livestream shows but it’s just not the same without the energy and sweat of the crowd. That’s why it made the most sense to us to use the quarantine to write and record as much as possible in our home studio.

What is the writing and recording process like?

It’s different from song to song. There’s usually something that sparks us, a melody, a riff, a beat.  Once we get that spark, we usually can’t stop until we’ve got the song written. littleDNGR was born out of the desire to not have any creative restrictions so our sessions tend to be a lot of fun. We’ll chase every muse until we’re satisfied with the end result. i love DANGER was one of those rare moments where everything just seemed to fall into place. Not only did the music and lyrics came simultaneously, but we recorded most of what you hear in the final mix within the same hour we wrote the song. 

Do you have any tour dates lined up?

We’re super excited to get back out and play shows! Things are still a little tricky with all the new protocols, but we are planning a string of dates. Stay tuned for more on that soon!

Any last words for the fans?

“Thank you!” would be the best place to start. We are so grateful to everyone who’s been streaming and sharing the new single! We can’t wait to get out and play live shows again, and there’s plenty more music coming soon.