Interview: Drew Davies

Drew Davies is a musician with quite a storied background, having toured the heavy metal circuit in the past, playing at Bloodstock and Download Festival. His new music is more rock orientated, as his wonderful single The Comeback shows. His new single, Codename: Softboi is also out today! If you haven’t checked Drew’s music out and you’re a fan of the heavier genres, you really need to take a listen!

By Jane Howkins

You released a single titled The Comeback. What can you tell us about the track?

The track came together very quickly, I was actually writing for another artists when I started this song… I was going for a very dark and brooding atmosphere and when I ran a DX7 through a micro bass amp in my home studio – it created an incredibly heavy rhythm and really set the track flying.

How has the reception to The Comeback so far, and where can the song be purchased?

I’ve been so happy with the reception! To have the track featured on Planet Rock and Amazing Radio with Jim Gellatly was amazing. All the online support has been huge and to reach almost 40k plays within a month or so of release and almost 10k video plays is fantastic after such a long break of releasing music.

You have another track coming out shortly called Codename: Softboi. What can you tell us about that song and when is it released? What does the title refer to?

The track will come out Friday 31/03/23 – I’m super excited about the song and it is my darkest release to date. Codename: Softboi is an examination of online dating at its nadir. Taking lyrical cues from contemporary artists such as Alex Cameron, John Grant and The Horrors, I’ve melded themes with the retro soundscapes of artists like TVAM and a dash of fury from my love of 90s alt rock bands like Faith No More to create a truly unique sound.

Do you plan to release any more singles after Codename: Softboi?

Oh 100%, I have an entire album just about finished and intend to continue releasing new music in 2023.

Do you plan to release an EP or an album anytime soon?

Yes, it’ll be titled Holloway nights and I’m super excited to get it out to everyone, I’m thinking late 2023 early 2024, but there’s going to be a lot in between.

Your music has an alt rock sound mixed in with some dark wave. What/who influences you most as an artist? What have you been listening to recently?

Genuinely my taste flicks all over the place, recently I’ve been hammering classical music from the Baroque period, Taylor Swift’s latest record Midnights, also Kirin Calinan’s latest singles… All mixed in with healthy doses of the Walker Brothers. Shoutout to The Night Game, I’m late to that party but I love his two albums.

Do you have anything else exciting coming up this year?

As I’ve said, some more singles from my next solo record, ideally lots of gigging and hopefully some travelling and adventures too!

You’re based in London. How is the local music scene faring at the moment?

I’m actually based in Glasgow! I recently relocated up here… London’s music scene has suffered immeasurably in recent years with venues like Madame JoJo’s, The Borderline, CroBar and the Astoria all closing, also smaller independent venues like Holloway Road’s Nambucca… These are hammer blows but we have to keep supporting new music and the arts.

Do you have any tour dates lined up for the UK?

I played in Edinburgh at Whistlebinkies alongside Star Circus and Rich Ragany and then March 30th at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow supporting Aesthetic Perfection.

I also front Big Mono and will be performing with them on May 20th at Tufnel Park Dome.

Follow me on Instagram at @drewdaviesmusic where I’m always announcing new concert dates. There’ll be plenty more announced this year.

Any last words for the fans?

Keep supporting new music, keep buying music and art. It’s amazing how devalued music has become so spend on it instead of your next iced sugar free vanilla skinny latte.