EP Review: Lowmello – That Sweet Breath

It’s often said that rock music is dead, but I beg to differ. It’s just transformed, taking on elements of other styles to create something new in the modern era. Lowmello is a good example of this – whilst his music has a rock and roll edge, it’s also got elements of indie and pop, making for one ultimate package altogether.

By Jane Howkins

There are five killer tracks on That Sweet Breath, with Red Lipstick being the first one up. It starts off sounding quite poppy, before the indie style guitars kick in, raising the energy up even further. The thing that struck me most here was how emotive the vocals are, carrying the tune along in a lovely way.

Fool has a bit more of a stomp to it, making you want to tap your feet along straight away. The guitars and bass match the beat perfectly, building tension up perfectly. The chorus really elevates things here, as it has that classic singalong quality that all good anthemic songs have.

26 changes things up a little, starting out instead with an array of synth chords played behind the vocals. Placing a ballad in the middle of this EP was a fantastic idea, as it helps to break the music up somewhat. The guitars are used more sparingly, but they really work to create additional layers within this tune.

Andrew opens with a pretty guitar riff, as some noughties style synths run along in the background. The drums are extremely impressive here, helping to create a huge sound that keeps your interest piqued throughout. The vocals follow the main synthline in a cool way, adding more groove to the tune.

Title track That Sweet Breath is also the final track on the EP, rounding everything out nicely. It’s one of the heaviest songs on the EP, almost taking it full circle from Red Lipstick. The bass and guitars follow the driving rhythm set out by the drums in an amazing way, making everything sound very catchy.

That Sweet Breath is a fantastic EP and one that shows off Lowmello’s skills perfectly. If you’re into your indie rock, this is for you!

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