EP Review: Major Kami – Infinite Light

Major Kami is quite an interesting proposition – it’s a concept name for the French music collective, DAMde8, created by composers Dan Burkhart and Denis Expert. They’ve got quite a unique sound and it’s hard to characterise by genre, but there are elements of dream-pop and electronica in there, as well as a whole host of other stylistic flourishes. They’ve recently released a short two track EP, titled Infinite Light, which displays the group’s sound well.

There are also two instrumental versions of each track included as part of the package, enabling the listener to really appreciate everything going on in the background.

By Jane Howkins

Infinite Light starts out with opener, Mystical Musical Maze. It’s the perfect title for the song, as there certainly is something very ethereal about the whole thing! The band have a range of female vocalists, which really shine through here. The verses are a little minimalist at first, but more instrumentation is added as the music progresses, building up over time. The chorus is particularly stunning, as a slew of vocal harmonies combine to make something that sounds utterly beautiful.

Title track Infinite Light is a little more upbeat – the bass throbs along with the beat nicely, as occasional keyboard flourishes appear. I actually found myself reminded at times of Kate Bush’s early work, which is high praise indeed! It’s a bit eccentric at times, but the quirky nature of the tune only makes it sound more interesting. The female vocals are used well here, going from singing to speaking in a matter of seconds, with some intriguing robotic vocals also heard in the background.

Major Kami is certainly doing something very different to the norm on Infinite Light, so they’re worth keeping an eye on to see what they come up with next time around!

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