Let’s Get This Party Started #2

With house music being so popular at the moment, I thought it was high time that I created a round-up review based around the genre. There are lots of different sub-genres within the house style, so each song on this list will be slightly different from the last. However, what’s certain is that these songs should all get your feet tapping along in no time!

Review by Jane Howkins

Photo by funkjoy

funkjoy – Not Coming Home

We start this list off in style with funkjoy’s new release, Not Coming Home. It’s upbeat from the start, featuring a pulsating beat that collides well with the synths in the background. The female vocals have a really nice sound, drifting through the music in a lush way. The main chord sequence used is fantastic, particularly on the melancholic chorus. The track occasionally breaks down, before the music rises up once again, exploding with a great burst of energy.

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Bandwidth Thief – Inska

Bandwidth Thief has really created something awesome with new track Inska. It starts out slowly, before the fast beat kicks in, ramping the tension up massively. It’s rather unique sounding, with an experimental bent that will appeal to those into their more divergent house music. The vocals use a lot of effects when they appear, eventually pulsating away against the beat and drums. The synths are a little quiet here putting most of the focus on the rhythm section, but they throb along in the background in a cool manner.

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MARQ electronica – Be Yourself Tonight

MARQ electronica is an artist we’ve featured a few times before, so it’s great to be able to share yet another track, Be Yourself Tonight. The beat really makes this tune, pulsating along in the background with the throbbing bassline. It’s a really upbeat piece of music, which should make you want to start dancing straight away! The vocal effects are also rather interesting, creating a unique quality within the song. If you’ve not checked MARQ electronica’s music out yet, this is the perfect introduction!

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Sent From Above – Take Me By Surprise (Remix)

Sent From Above has created something of wonder with their latest track, Take Me By Surprise (Remix). The remix sounds even better than the original version, accentuating the EDM elements of the song even more. The beat and bass sound immense, creating a fantastic atmosphere here that is perfect for dancing along to. The vocals are a little distant in the background, although they’re still perfectly present, allowing the music itself to rise above. Just try and listen to this without tapping your feet!

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Rhian! – NO!

The first thing that struck me about NO! was how amazing the bass sounds on this track – it’s really prominent, working its way underneath the tune in a funky way in the background. Rhian!’s song is possibly my favourite track on this list, as it’s undeniably catchy. The fast beat follows the bassline perfectly, as the unique sounding vocals pull you in. The vocal effects are used really well here, ensuring you’re always kept captivated by this tune. NO! is definitely a must listen tune!

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Jimmy de la Mar – You Know

Jimmy de la Mar is certainly talented, as he’s a producer, composer, CEO, DJ, songwriter and actor! You Know is a little different from some of the other songs here – whilst it definitely has moments of the house genre, it also contains a few throwbacks to the 70s and 80s dance movements. The synths are really quirky sounding, bringing the track to life. Jimmy’s vocals are a little quiet in the mix at times, but the real stand out points are the synths, making the song sound utterly groovy.

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Fleanger – Better

I’m not normally a massive fan of autotune, but Fleanger uses the technique really well on Better. It’s a little slower than the other songs on this list, starting out with the ethereal sounding vocals, placed against a quietly building beat. The piano chords accentuate the music nicely, before an array of other synth effects kick in, playing different musical motifs as the track progresses. It’s actually a really pretty sounding piece of music, perfect for relaxing to after a hard day at work.

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Clinton N – away

away is another more stripped down, produced by the uber-talented Clinton N. The piano chords are played slowly, adding a nice backing to the piece alongside the subtle drum and basslines. The female vocals are absolutely perfect here, gliding along nicely against the rest of the instrumentation. Some other synth motifs can be heard in the background, but again, they’re fairly minimalist for the most part, instead creating extra layers and textures within the track.

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Sugar Nova – Tiny Helicopters (jackLNDN Remix)

As the name suggests, Tiny Helicopters (jackLNDN Remix) is a remix of the original song by Sugar Nova, adding a more electronic twist to the tune. The synths bubble away nicely in the background, as the pretty vocal lines weave in and out of the music. Despite the subtle percussion at the start, it’s a really positive and upbeat sounding track throughout, with the bass and drums kicking in proper a little later on. The synths are absolutely mesmerising here, working their way into your brain in no time.

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