New Music: Juan Pablo Fernández Ramos – Sinfonía 14 2 Mto – Aryuna´s dilemma.

Classical composer Juan Pablo Fernández Ramos is back with yet another amazing piece of music, Sinfonía 14 2 Mto – Aryuna´s dilemma.

By Jane Howkins

As you might expect if you’ve read our other reviews of Juan’s work, Sinfonía 14 2 Mto – Aryuna´s dilemma is a gorgeously crafted piece of classical music. It starts out slowly, building up the different orchestral element suddenly to create a huge sense of tension. There’s a lot going on here, as the piece features a full orchestra, constantly keeping you on your toes as the music progresses. It breaks down slightly in the middle, before the music explodes in full force again towards the end, making this an absolute must listen for classical fans!