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Emo is having a bit of a revival at the moment, with many people revisiting their old CD collections to rediscover the bands of their youth. However, there’s also a slew of new emo bands and artists out there on the underground scene, adding some much needed revitalisation into the genre. I’ve collected a few of my current favourites here so you can discover your new favourite band – make sure to check the full stream at the bottom too!

Review by Jane Howkins

Photo by Erri

Erri – Gameplay

Erri mixes together elements of pop and r&b with emo on Gameplay, making for quite an interesting collaborative sound. It’s not your typical emo rock song, but it really works! The vocals have that classic sound we’ve all come to know and love from the genre, with occasional harmonies added in every so often. It’s also pretty catchy, using some really cool synthy effects in the background, adding a unique quality to the track. Gameplay tails out nicely towards the end, playing a pretty sounding guitar melody. This is one for fans of music across the genre spectrum.

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Petrol – Pyle On

Next up is Philadelphia-based band Petrol and their amazing new tune, Pyle On. The track starts out with a crashing roar of guitar riffs, which continue throughout the track. The dynamics are used quite interestingly here, changing between quieter moments on the verses, before the energy-packed choruses kick in, The song breaks down a little towards the end, changing the rhythm up, adding another interesting movement to the tune. It’s more classic indie than the sort of pop-punk-esque style that became popular in the noughties, but Pyle On is well worth your while!

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thankmelater. – karma.

thankmelater. has produced a track that has more in line with the modern emo-pop movement, but it’s something that fans of the genre should still love! karma. is pretty poppy, containing a catchy melody that will get stuck in your head straight away. The drums have a classic hip-hop style sound, as occasional guitar motifs tail off in the background. And who can forget the vocals, drifting across the music in an effortlessly cool manner. It all sounds very atmospheric, easing underneath your skin on the very first listen.

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The Survival Code – Haunted By Myself

The Survival Code is a London-based duo, making it all the more impressive how good their music is! Haunted By Myself is on the heavier side of things, opening with a killer guitar riff that fits the fast beat well. Things slow down a little on the first verse, although the energy still stays high throughout this awesome number. As well as the emo moments, the song also mixes in some punk and alt-rock, making for an awesome mix of sounds. The vocal harmonies really make this song stand out, creating a singalong quality that will hook you in in no time!

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Apricity – Allison Wonderland

The cleverly titled Allison Wonderland is a song by Apricity, a unique female vocalist from Ontario, Canada. The first thing apparent here is how damn catchy the tune is, getting stuck in your head straight away. Apricity has an amazing voice, belting the lyrics out with gusto here, as the heavy riffs play along in the background. There’s also a hint of pop-punk thrown in there for good measure too, making for a song that appeals across the board. Allison Wonderland is a great track and I expect to see Apricity hitting the big time soon!

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Conflict Hope – Echo

Conflict Hope is another band mixing elements of pop-punk and alt-rock with emo, making for one awesome package! Echo is the first song we’ve heard by the band, but it surely won’t be the last with how good it is! The Scottish group have really produced something amazing here – the production sounds tight and the guitars have a really cool sound. It’s also great to hear more female fronted bands entering the emo domain – the vocals are fantastic here, truly soaring over the music. This is one of my favourite tracks on this list.

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Jane N’ The Jungle – Bed Of Roses

We’ve shared a lot from Jane N’ The Jungle in recent months, so I couldn’t help but share new single Bed Of Roses here! It’s more of a hard rock song, but I also felt there were some emo elements thrown in for good measure. The verses start off with a throbbing bassline, working its way through the music until the killer chorus kicks in. Whilst it’s a pretty heavy song at times, Bed Of Roses is also incredibly catchy, marking this band as ones to watch! The vocals are amazing as ever, showing a great deal of emotion here – if you’ve not checked Jane N’ The Jungle out yet, this is the perfect introduction!

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Drenched – Slug

Australian band Drenched have created something truly awe inspiring in Slug, rounding this article off nicely. It’s got a really addictive sound, seeing some cool guitar melodies flicker across the verses in a stylistic way, working well against the upbeat rhythm section. The choruses change things up a little, sounding more like a traditional emo-style track, as the vocals soar across the music. The bridge takes an unexpected turn, introducing a pretty piano motif into the mix, showing that Drenched are a band not afraid to try something different!

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