Monthly Favourites #20

As the end of the month rolls around again, it’s time for another iteration in my Monthly Favourites series. This month has been fantastic, as I’ve discovered (and in some cases rediscovered) a whole load of fantastic bands and artists, just right for your listening pleasure. I’m sure you’ll find something to love here!

Review by Jane Howkins

Photo by I Am The Unicorn Head

I Am The Unicorn Head – Extra Dimensional Overlords

Eagle-eyed viewers will note that we’ve featured two piece indie band I Am The Unicorn Head before. Now they return with a killer new tune, titled Extra Dimensional Overlords. It’s an extremely dreamy sounding piece of work, also having a psychedelic bent to it. Opening with some interesting static effects, a gorgeous guitar melody opens the track up, as the smooth vocals croon along. The chorus takes things to a more grungy level, adding more variety into the piece. The production is a little raw, but it really suits the style the duo are trying to curate.

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Pete Miller – Oh, Lord

If you like your Americana, Pete Miller is the man for you! Oh, Lord is an incredibly raw sounding piece of music, reminding me greatly of the country/Americana that came to prominence in the 50s and 60s. The only instrument here, apart from Pete’s vocals, is a slow, fingerpicked acoustic guitar melody. However, the track sounds pretty beautiful as is, containing a great depth of heartfelt emotion and passion. The raw quality only makes Pete’s lyrics seem more genuine, showing a lot of soul.

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Fonvery – I Hear Sirens

Singer-songwriter Fonvery brings the tempo up a little on infectious new single, I Hear Sirens. It’s upbeat from the start, containing some killer drum beats that pull the rhythm along in a catchy way. The little guitar melodies are lovely to behold, having a classic jangly indie sound. However, I also feel the track has elements of folk and rock and roll, making for one awesome mix altogether. Towards the end, some gleeful synths kick in, melding perfectly against Fonvery’s joyous vocal stylings.

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Joris Bon – Cristal Meteor

Joris Bon is a French musician, creating gorgeous pieces of music that span across several different genre boundaries. Cristal Meteor is one such track – it sounds like a classical track at first, featuring a beautiful piano melody. However, the electronic elements soon kick in, with a pulsating bassline and a vast array of synths arriving with the catchy beat. The piano still remains in the forefront of the track though, showing an artist that isn’t afraid to mix things up. It’s actually pretty beautiful at times, making this one song not to be missed!

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Ange Lloyd – Walk With Me

British singer-songwriter Ange Lloyd brings a little soul to this list with her latest release, Walk With Me. She’s got a fantastic voice, truly soaring over the music here. The track has quite a retro sound, using some amazing horns on the chorus and intro, simply oozing cool here. The guitars are used well – they’re not overused, but appear every so often to noodle against the rest of the music. Walk With Me is very atmospheric, having quite an expansive sound – just try and listen to this without wanting to dance along!

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Shai Sevin – Sevin30 Days

I’m not normally a massive fan of rap/hip-hop, but I couldn’t help but love Sevin30 Days when I heard it. Shai Sevin is a multi-platinum artist and producer from London, and this track certainly shows how talented he is! The song contains both rapping and singing, creating a lot of variety within the piece. The eerie keyboard effects in the background really add something special to the tune as Shai raps over the top, getting stuck inside your head straight away. It’s a fairly short song, but the length only leaves you longing for more. I guarantee you’ll be playing this on repeat!

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Bree Rusev – Burn Out

We’ve actually already written about Burn Out as a stand alone review, but it’s that good that I had to share it here! Singer-songwriter Bree Rusev has created another piece of musical magic here. It’s a stripped-down folk song, sounding absolutely beautiful throughout. The music mostly consists of a pretty, fingerpicked guitar melody, as Bree’s soulful vocals play over the top. The chorus raises things up a little, making the music sound even more haunting (if that’s even possible!). Burn Out is an absolute must listen track for me.

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Eleanor Kelly – Call My Name

New York-based artist Eleanor Kelly has created a track with a lot of soul in new release, Call My Name. It opens with some awesome guitar riffs, really setting the tone for the song well. Eleanor’s vocals soon kick in, drifting through the music in perfect style. Her voice takes on quite a low pitch during the verses, although it’s amplified on the chorus, raising up to a higher range whilst also displaying a huge amount of emotion. It’s quite a dark sounding piece of work, creating an awesome atmosphere.

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Josh Tepper – Guide Me Meron

American singer-songwriter Josh Tepper has a long history within the musical world, having studied at some extremely prestigious institutions. Guide Me Meron shows exactly how skilled Josh is – it’s a folk-pop song with a traditional singer-songwriter bent, appealing to the heart. A flowing piano melody introduces the tune, as Josh’s gorgeous vocals glide over the top. The chorus amps the energy up, delivering an anthemic singalong that will have you humming along in no time. This is one of my favourite songs on this entire list!

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Matt Warren – Flight at the End

One good thing came out of the pandemic – British artist Matt Warren started performing music again! Flight at the End is an indie rock song of sorts, but it also has elements of post-punk and electronica, making for one wonderful mix of sounds. The main synth melody is very catchy, having a really cool vibe. The melancholy chords and creeping bass really add to the atmosphere of the piece, alongside Matt’s unique vocal stylings. The beat is fairly frantic for the most part, making you want to tap your feet along straight away.

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