EP Review: Indolore – Nashville

Parisian singer-songwriter Indolore released a fantastic new EP called Nashville in June of this year, creating a traditional country/Americana sound with bundles of energy. The Parisian singer-songwriter left his home to travel to Tennessee, which led to him collaborating with some amazing musicians to produce this EP. It’s great to see Indolore’s dreams coming true, with Nashville being the product of such aspirations.

By Jane Howkins

C’est pas la paine opens the EP up nicely, starting out with a fast drum beat, followed by some bluesy guitar licks. Whilst the tempo stays the same throughout, the verses are a little more stripped-down, allowing Indolore’s vocals to truly shine through. His voice runs well against the beat and the little guitar melodies that tail off every so often, creating a lovely retro sound. It’s also very catchy, getting stuck in your head right away!

The sophomore track is I gotta run away, this time sung in English, making for an interesting change. It’s another track with a fast beat, creating more of a traditional rock and roll sound. It’s absolutely infectious to behold, ensuring you’ll be humming the main melody for hours to come! The track has a fantastic structure, sounding expertly crafted. This is one of my favourite songs on the entire EP.

We have a song slows things down, as the main instrumentation comes from a strummed acoustic guitar. It’s a lot mellower than the previous tunes, showing a completely different side to Indolore. We have a song sounds perfectly when placed in the middle of the EP, acting as a nice palette cleanser. It really allows the vocals to shine through, drifting along in a dreamy way.

Carina also starts out in an acoustic style, although it’s a little more folky, reminding me of the folk music that became popular in the 1960s. The main motif is fingerpicked, creating quite an eerie vibe, especially when placed against the haunting strings in the background. However, the track soon picks up, adding a rhythm section and some electric guitars into the mix. This is a must listen track.

Nashville takes things back down again, opening with a gorgeous fingerpicked acoustic guitar melody, sounding incredibly beautiful throughout. It’s quite a soft song, creating a minimalist quality that truly makes the heart ache. It’s the perfect track to tail this EP off, leaving you wanting for more long after the last note has been played.

Indolore is an incredibly talented artist, using many different genres within his music. As such, Nashville has mass appeal across the board, containing elements of rock, country, Americana, the blues and folk. If you’re into those styles, you should find something to love here!

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