Interview: Josh Tepper

New York artist Josh Tepper is a singer-songwriter with an extremely soulful style, as displayed in his latest release, Guide Me Meron. It’s a gorgeous piece of music, and one well worth checking out if you like your singer-songwriter stuff. Find a full stream at the end of this interview if you haven’t heard it yet!

By Jane Howkins

How has the reception to Guide Me Meron been so far, and where can it be purchased?

I’m really humbled by the positive reviews that Guide Me Meron is receiving and it makes all the hard-work worthwhile. It has received over 400,000 in just a few weeks. You know you’ve got a hit when fans as diverse as grandmothers in Buenos Aires and high schoolers in London are messaging me about how much the song means to them. It’s an incredible feeling.

Am I right in thinking that the song is based around the Jewish Kabbalah? I assume this spirituality is important to your life?

Kabbalah and the spirituality from which it emanates has become an integral part of my life. Mount Meron is a special place and when you close your eyes and open your mind it will help you find the way . The early Kabbalists had a tremendous influence on both Christian and Islamic philosophers and continues to this day .

Do you plan to release any more singles in the near future?

I’m still adding more songs to my collection and will be releasing an acapella version of Guide Me Meron this week . It allows me to showcase my vocal range in a dramatic fashion. I’m currently working on another track but will be a totally different genre.

Are there any plans to release an album or EP anytime soon?

Guide Me Meron can be easily streamed on Spotify, Apple and YouTube . Hopefully I’ll be able to perform at a venue later this year. I’ll keep you posted

You’ve attended some fairly prestigious music schools and colleges over the years. How has this experience shaped you and your music?

Both LaGuardia School of Performing Arts and NYU Tisch helped me synthesise my singing and creative talents . Being immersed in those environments surrounded by super talented people and professors makes you realize how hard you still need to work, but at the same time helps you master your craft . It’s not always easy being the creative music kid growing up but these institutions let me flourish .

Guide Me Meron has an incredibly anthemic sound. What/who influences you most as an artist? What have you been listening to recently?

My influences are pretty diverse. Believe it or not, Gardel the Argentine tango singer that my grandmother used to play. The deep passion and longing for something better that can be heard in these songs have been tremendously inspiring. And of course, Selena Quintanilla and Ofra Haza.