Miles & The Chain Gang Re-Release When It Comes To You

Miles and The Chain Gang re-release When It Comes To You on 6th October 2023 via Kycker

‘It was written out of frustration’ says Miles and The Chain Gang’s singer, Miles Salter, about When It Comes To You, the band’s latest release.  ‘I was into somebody who wasn’t bothered about me. So much of pop music is like that – it sounds happy, then you listen to the words, and it’s about disillusionment, or sadness, or whatever.’ 

Miles and The Chain Gang play mainstream guitar pop with a splash or soul and new wave (Springsteen, Van Morrison, Pretenders, Sam Cooke, Del Amitri etc). ‘It’s really about great songs,’ says Miles, who was enthused by pop radio in the early 80s as a kid. ‘It was an amazing melting pop of different sounds,’ he says. ‘A lot more diverse than today.’ 

 The band’s most recent single, Charlie’ has attracted nearly 1000 plays on indie and internet radio around the world in 2023. On YouTube, their videos have attracted 60,000 views across several years. ‘It’s all small beer in the scheme of things,’ says Miles, ‘but I really want to develop it as I believe in what we do. It has a LOT of potential.’ 

Miles and The Chain Gang formed in York, UK in 2018, playing their first gig in early 2019. When It Comes To You was their first single, released in early 2020. It was the first track and video we put out. ‘It’s about a relationship where I was into her but she wasn’t bothered about me. I like the song a lot and it goes down well with audiences. Unrequited love, big chords, a cool bridge section, and a reference to Fats Domino – all in under three minutes.’ The track features guitar and harmonica by Alan Dawson, bass by Tim Bruce, drums by Billy Hickling, keyboards by Simon Waggott and backing vocals by Holly Taymar-Bilton. It was produced by Hairul Hasnan and Jonny Hooker at the University of York Recording Studio and Young Thugs, both in York.