Sweet Announce Holmfirth Picturedrome Show

Sweet are back, and you’re not going to want to miss out come December as they go full circle!

A national treasure and glam rock royalty who have taken the world by storm for six decades, Sweet are at their best, performing all their iconic hits to audiences from every continent, all over the world.  From the beginning to the end …fFull circle!

Guitarist/vocalist Andy Scott, the sole surviving original member at the heart of the band and the golden thread linking Sweet’s proud past to the present, is still fiercely protective of that legacy today as ever.

Understandably he knows better than anyone that the long tours can’t carry on indefinitely, with the band now looking to ‘wind down’ some of their live commitments.

Andy explained, “This could be our last tour, but that doesn’t mean to say we’re not going to do any more gigs, just that we might not be doing 15-20 dates strung together. Then again, we might!”

Scoring 15 momentous top-40 hits in the seventies, eight going top-five – including classic 1973 UK No.1 Blockbuster – Sweet perfected the art of making memorable records in a highly-competitive era.

And you can witness them first-hand as they return to the road leading up to Christmas. Sweet’s Full Circle Tour of 13 dates opens in Wrexham (where Andy played his first gig at a church hall 60 years ago) and ends in Frome, Wiltshire (close to his West Country base of 30-plus years).

All in all, we’re talking 53 years of hit singles, 55 million albums and 34 No.1s, from a band that’s clearly stood the test of time.  So don’t miss out.   Altogether now, “You better beware, you better take care …”

The tour comes to Holmfirth Picturedrome on December 8th.