York Date Announced for Furrow Collective

Critically acclaimed, award-winning English/Scottish folk group The Furrow Collective are heading out on tour in December 2023, in support of their fourth full-length album We Know by the Moon on Hudson Records.

The band will be embarking on their album release tour as a trio (Lucy Farrell, Emily Portman and Alasdair Roberts) due to the happy news that fourth member Rachel Newton is expecting a baby at the end of November. They are excited to perform these songs for the first time in their ever-unique settings, plus material from their back catalogue, at venues across England.

Each of the group’s three previous albums has marked a distinct development of their music, whilst retaining its idiosyncratic core of resonant bowed and plucked strings anchoring sky-bound harmony singing. Their fourth, We Know by the Moon, will mark a further expansion of this unique trademark sound. Recorded in midsummer 2023 and due for release in winter 2023, the record will span the seasons to link the solstices in harmony, in the form of a suite of noctilucent laments, lunar serenades and starlit balladry.

They perform at the NCEM in York on December 5th.