EP Review: Maria Lane – 35 days

Brooklyn-based indie-folk artist Maria Lane may be fairly new on the music scene, but already she shows a wealth of talent, set to hit the big time. Her new EP 35 days is a real testament to her skills, delving deep into the indie-folk genre. Each song on the record helps to tell a larger narrative story about the complexities of long distance relationships, creating a concept EP that really hits you in the feels.

By Jane Howkins

The EP opens with the title track, 35 days. The guitars have a wonderful sound here, seeing Maria strumming along in a gorgeous way, adding a rhythmic quality that works well against the drums. There are also some faint electronic elements playing around in the background here – it’s much busier than first meets the ear, making this one track you’ll need to listen to a few times over! The lyrics talk about the difficulties of a long distance relationship, providing something relatable for anyone in that situation.

quality time is more stripped-down, opening a simple yet effective fingerpicked acoustic guitar melody, with occasional electric guitar motifs appearing in the background. This factor allows Maria’s gorgeous vocals to really shine through, singing about feeling neglected and sidelined within her relationship. It’s an incredibly honest piece of work, and the synthy strings in the background only add more to the beautiful music.

hawaii is another stripped-down song, featuring the sound of waves crashing, alongside the main guitar arpeggio. It’s absolutely soaked in nostalgia, seeing Maria reflecting on happier times, adding a slightly more positive vibe to the record. The vocal lines are really interesting here, including some ethereal backing vocals that add another awesome layer to the track. It’s short but sweet, keeping your interest firmly poised on Maria’s haunting vocal delivery.

can’t help falling in love is a cover of the song made famous by Elvis Presley. I’m not normally a massive fan of cover songs, but Maria really does the track justice here, as her vocals glide perfectly over the fingerpicked acoustic guitar. The strings appear once again in the background, adding a more romantic touch to the EP.

35 days is a fantastic record, showing just how talented Maria Lane is. The concept works wonderfully with the style of music, creating something that will capture your soul on the very first listen.

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