Discovery: Everpresent

Matthew Cahoon’s new musical project Everpresent returns after a four year hiatus with new release, Seduce Me. It’s an amazing return to form, seeing the dark-pop/electronica act mix a number of genres together, whilst also adding some stylistic flourishes into the package.

By Jane Howkins

Seduce Me was actually originally written in 2001, and you can clearly hear the 90s pop influences in there. However, Matthew has added a modern twist, making for something extremely fresh in the modern era. As well as Matthew’s soulful vocals, the track also features  Katie Robinette, who also helped with the arrangement of the track. In terms of the music, Seduce Me features a dazzling array of synths and electronic effects, all backed by a steady drum beat that continues through the tune. It’s a worthwhile return for Everpresent – take a look at the video below!