Review: The Homecoming at York Theatre Royal

The Homecoming is a modern classic. It is a dark exploration of family relationships and naturally conveys Pinter’s unique view. When I first saw it at The Aldwych Theatre in 1966, I must confess to being confused. Theatre was at a crossroads; Samuel Beckett had unleashed the puzzling and controversial Waiting for Godot and audiences across the globe were feeling the force of Theatre of the Absurd and the confrontation of Theatre of Cruelty. Pinter fitted into a genre called, Theatre of Menace. What a time to be a drama student in London!

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Review: Shakespeare In Love at Theatre 41

Every time I go to Theatre 41, I am impressed by the versatility of the acting space and this visit was no exception. The stage has been constructed to represent The Globe Theatre, with an inner stage, balcony, and stage trap. Even the lighting approximates the flickering light of candles. It is a great transformation and the designer, Robert Readman, is to be complimented.

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