Kymberley Kennedy

It’s been a busy year for York’s very own RnB princess: Kymberley Kennedy. When she’s not taking over the BBC’s Maida Vale studio, she’s been performing alongside legends such as Morcheeba and Tricky, and she’s still had time to record and release a 12-track mixtape. We caught up with Kymberley to talk dream headliners, her first experience of Nando’s and her York favourites.

Your free 12 track ‘mixtape’ is out now. For anyone who hasn’t heard it, how would you describe it?

Cycles is about love, sex, regret and sorrow. I wrote it in the space of about 6 months in my home studio and I think it has elements of RnB, Soul and Pop. I think it’s quite a baroque mixtape and is very relationship oriented. I’m really happy that it’s been compared to BANKS, Delilah, Portishead and other strong females in the music industry. It’s a real compliment.

You headed down to Maida Vale to do a live session with BBC 1xtra in June, how was the experience?

It was amazing! Everybody was so professional, a real pro at their craft with a true passion for getting the best out of my band and I. The encouragement we received was wonderful. It was awesome to see CJ Beatz  from BBC Radio 1Xtra again; I met him a few years ago and he took me for my first experience at Nando’s. Literally everything about that day was awesome, from the recording session to the inevitable tour of Maida Vale Studios.


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Emerging icon: Kymberley Kennedy


How does it feel to be described as an emerging icon by the Huffington Post alongside Saint Raymond, Alice Amelia, Black Lights and Martha’s Man?

It feels a little strange if I’m honest, but in a good way. I never quite know what to say when people say things like that. I just tend to go a bit silent with a stupidly awkward grin on my face. Inside I’m over the moon that people have such wonderful things to say about me and my music. Because I write music in my home studio at the moment and I’m pretty much the only one who hears it until it’s finished, my songs still feel like my own little private projects. I forget sometimes that other people can go and listen to my songs once I’ve put them online.

How did it feel to play alongside Tricky and Morcheeba at Galtres festival?

It’s was great! Thoroughly enjoyed Tricky and Morcheeba’s set. As for our performance, my band and I had an absolute ball! Somebody shouted at me to have their babies whilst I was on stage and the crowd went a bit crazy when we’d finished our set and demanded more for a good 5-10 minutes after.
If you could headline a show alongside anyone, who would it be and why?

I would like to headline a show with Massive Attack. It would be really interesting to see how they go about things and it would be amazing to work on something together. I’d also like to work with Bjork one day. She has such a unique way of writing songs. She has no restrictions. I love that she doesn’t conform to the norm. Similarly I’d like to work with Emika. She’s a British producer/ singer and I love how she creates such beautiful electronic sounds with her voice.


How would you describe the York music scene at the moment?
I think the York music scene has always been pretty good. I like the diversity that I’ve been seeing lately. We’ve got a bit of everything in York, it seems, from acoustic sessions and open mic nights to headline DJs gigs and various bands/ acts performing indie/ RnB/ electronic music. In York I have met and seen Beardyman perform and I’ll have the honour of playing at a show on September 12th with Krafty Kuts and Grinny Grandad, both whom I’ve worked with before.

What’s up next for you?

I’ve got plans to release an EP later this year, complete with my first official music video which I am pretty excited about. The shoot itself was very long and messy, but definitely worth it. I won’t say too much about it but I was covered in caviar and then black treacle and at one point I had a scorpion (who I named Brian) crawl all over me. My band and I have an I Luv Live Showcase in London in front of industry professionals and we’ll be headlining the 1331 venue in York at this years Oxjam.
Any last words for the fans?

I want to thank every single person who has supported me and my music over the last few years. They are the reason I put so much of my music online and make free mixtapes each year. A massive thank you from me and the my band (Steve, Miles, Andrew and Rich). Hope to see you all at our next gig!  X
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Kymberley and her band performing live


Kymberley Kennedy will be performing with Krafty Kuts and Grinny Grandad at Fibbers on Friday 12 September 2014 at 7:30pm

Download Cycles for free at Kymberley’s website