Let Loose

York is a city with a sad lack of under-18 gig nights. Thank the musical overlords, then, for Let Loose, the second installment of which rolls around on 30 November at The Duchess. Put together by the further education college Access to Music and DJ workshop institution Upfaders, Let Loose offers a place for young people to have a great night out safely and legally. We put some questions to Sophie Humphreys of Access to Music to find out more.

What makes Let Loose different from any other night out?
Let Loose is an under 18s gig. This means that anyone from ages 14-18, and only people who are 14-18, can come and have an amazing time legally.
How did the first Let Loose go?
It went really well. The bands all had a great time and everybody loved the atmosphere. This time it will be a UV paint party and we’re expecting a pretty big turn out!

How did you get involved with it?
I created this event with Access To Music and Upfaders to try and offer the young people in York something to look forward to. There isn’t anything else going on which is ridiculous when you think about how many young people who love live music there are in York and the surrounding areas.

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Blind Eye


What would be your top-tip to any young gig-goers?
Know how you are getting there and getting back, bring earplugs, have an awesome time! Charge your phone!

What do you think of the York music scene at the moment?
The music scene in York is and always has been fantastic given how small the city is compared with say, Leeds or Manchester. We have an unreal amount of talent that needs to be shared.

So how about the line up?

The only act confirmed at the moment is Blind Eye, so there are still plenty of opportunities for other bands to get on the lineup. I need young bands, at least 2 as long as they are all older than 14. I don’t mind if some are over 18 but they need to email me as soon as possible with some links to their music. It’s an amazing opportunity for a young un-heard-of band to play one of the premier live music venues in York, and you never know who will be listening.
Any last words for the readers?
30th November…be there!

Let Loose takes place at The Duchess on 30 November 2014

For your chance to play at the event contact sophie.humphreys@accesstomusic.ac.uk

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