Dave McPherson

Better known for leading alternative metal band InMe, Dave McPherson also puts the hours in as a solo acoustic performer. He’ll be coming to York to play at the Black Swan Inn on Saturday 14 March as part of a national tour. We caught up with him to talk about ‘too much, too young’ success, a trio of concept albums and the DIY scene.

By Jane Howkins



You’re most well known for being the frontman of the band InMe, and your solo stuff is a bit of a departure from that of the band. What made you decide to start performing solo?

I’ve actually made acoustic music even longer than I’ve been part of InMe, in 1996, and always toyed around with it behind the scenes. In 2006, I finally decided to release an EP under my own name and it’s been a natural progression since then really.


After the solo tour, you are doing a UK tour with InMe in May. What are the main differences you find between working with InMe, and working as a solo artist?

Solo tours are often exactly that, which is nice but being a part of a band is a completely different dynamic. Touring with InMe is a lot tougher in some ways but just as enjoyable. The main difference is with the solo thing I have complete control over everything. With InMe, it’s a much more balanced, collaborative process.


Who would you say are your main influences? Any bands or artists that you recommend your fans check out?

Loads over the years but a few that always come to mind are Pink Floyd, Talk Talk, Queen and The Police.


Your first album with InMe (Overgrown Eden) was released in 2003 and was rather successful within the alternative scene at the time. What was that like?

It felt very surreal, like I was detached from real life. I think in retrospect it was a bit too much, too young, and I wasn’t mature enough to really take in how lucky I was. I wish I’d worked harder back then to be honest. I also wish I’d taken charge a bit more of the business side.


How different would you say the current music scene is to back when your first album was released?

It’s completely different for me these days. Overgrown Eden launched before the internet changed everything. These days having a record label isn’t the be all, and end all, and all things DIY have become much more important.

Summer: She Puts Me In A Good Mood

Dave McPherson

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Over the years as a band, you have displayed a very varied sound, often changing quite rapidly with each new release. Was this a conscious decision or did it evolve naturally?

A bit of both really. I never understand music “fans” that want artists to rehash the same sound over and over. Life is change.


Can you tell us a little bit more about your upcoming set of concept albums Trilogy?

Trilogy is three interconnected albums that explore many ideas concerning birth, life and death. We’ve just finishedTrilogy: Dawn, which explores birth, childhood and youth, which is a rock album. The next will link to Dawn but will be a more atmospheric, Pink Floyd-esque album that is about life and adulthood. The last explores death and the closing chapters of life and will naturally be a metal album!


What would you say your best gig to date has been to perform, either with InMe or solo?

Too many come to mind to be honest! Last year playing a festival in Brighton was a really fun time.


You recently used Pledge Music campaigns to fund both your recent solo and InMe releases, and the DIY ethic is becoming ever more popular with musicians nowadays. Do you prefer releasing music independently, and how successful have you found these campaigns?

We’re lucky enough to have really kind fans that invests in what we do. I personally prefer all things DIY and the direct approach as opposed to treating music like a brand. It suits my personality to keep busy and hands-on too.


You’ve also recently been involved with a newer project called ‘Centiment’. What can you tell us about this?

It’s my brother’s baby that I sing all over! We just fancied finally making it a reality. It’s a lot heavier than InMe plus has kind of retro video game flavours. It’s incredibly challenging to pull it off live.


What can one expect from your shows?

Energy, passion, extreme melody, fun and intensity.


Any last words for the fans?

Thank you as always!