King No-One

You’re more likely to see King No-One playing all over the UK than here in their home town of York, which is why their set at Fibbers on the 9 May is particularly exciting. It kicks off a set of dates across the UK (and even a show out in Spain!) We posed a few questions to the lads about relaxing with a cup of tea, busking and dreams of Glastonbury.
By Nina Watts Marsay


When did the band first get together?
We’ve been a band for two years now, and since the start we’ve only done our own songs.

Where do you get inspiration for writing your own music?
We draw inspiration from many things: new experiences, elation, shock, different backgrounds, etc. It can be as easy as just relaxing with a cup of tea!

You’re going to be headlining a gig at the Underbelly in London this June, how did you get involved with this?
They asked us to come down and our agent booked us.

Your track Foreign Tongue was recently played on BBC Radio 2, what was your reaction to this?
Surprised more than anything! It’s had a couple more spins on there since and we’re not too sure how it came about really. We think Dermot O’Leary left X Factor just to be a King No-fan.

Foreign Tongue

King No-One

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Have you done many gigs outside of York?
Yes, actually, we’ve done well over one hundred gigs in the last two years and only eight of them have been in York. We’ve been to all corners of the UK and we’re booked for a festival in Spain this June.

The band does quite a bit of busking around York. Do you think this has helped your success?
Not really, it mainly helps us collect money for expensive things that are coming our way! In terms of our success however radio plays are the best. For example, we were played on Sunday Brunch. As well as this, some of our tracks really go viral. Moonstruck reached the top 40 for downloads in Brazil and, of course, the big festival appearances are also great too.

What plans have you got for the future?
Give us half a decade and we’ll see you on the main stage at Glastonbury.

What do you think of the current music scene in York?
It’s definitely getting better! When we first got into it, it felt like a dusty, torn, rugged vintage mat – a shadow of what it once was. However it’s been growing a lot recently due to support from bands, bloggers, magazines, press and the local radios. It’s developing rapidly again and there will be some great bands to come out of York.

What are your favourite bands to listen to at the moment?
There’s a lot of stuff we like right now: Elbow, Local Natives, Active Child and Polo to name a few.

Finally, any last words for readers?
We’ll be headlining Fibbers, York on 9 May and it’s going to be a brilliant show. It’s just before we go off on tour, so get yourselves down. It’s going to be epic.



King No-One is playing at Fibbers on Saturday 9 May 2015, 7.30pm