Daisy Woolett at The Black Swan Inn

On Monday, young folk/pop singer-songwriter Daisy Woollett delighted The Black Swan audience with her angelic vocals, sweet lyrics, a ukulele and guitar. With the promise of free cake and fairy lights, the stage was set for a charming event to showcase Daisy’s work so far and to launch herself and her own brand of ‘crazy in love’ songs.

By Blue Wilson
Photos by Andy Argyle

The stage was warmed up by fellow Access to Music student Wayne Dawson. Following in the likes of English folk/pop singer/songwriter sensations Ed Sheeran, George Ezra, Jake Bugg and Ben Howard, this young talent is one to watch.


To start his set he chose a cover of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, delivered in his confident, dreamy and melodic style. The room slowly filled as he then played his very ownNicotine with touching and clever lyrics spinning a story we are all familiar with. He went on to charm the audience with his original and sentimental song entitled Home, with its simple melody and Wayne’s deft guitar playing and soft husky vocal range. He finished his set with a cover of Time After Time, after which the room was left with an even warmer glow. This gentle-hearted young romantic told tales of true experiences and gave us fleeting glimpses of his journey of self-discovery through song writing.


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Wayne Dawson

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The very lovely, bubbly, and flame-haired Daisy Woollett then took to the floor, her slight frame hidden behind her guitar. The audience couldn’t help but warm to Daisy with her generous spirit and heart-felt stories about her search for romance and the dusting off of an aching heart. Her’s were honest to goodness songs about family, friendships and romance. Her raw and quirky soul-bearing lyrics and soft simple melodies were often played out in a melancholy style, which revealed a sensitivity and precocious understanding of relationships. In her soft lilt she sang of fables, superheroes and damsels.


She kicked off with It’s You, telling of young love, followed by a raunchierFirework. Brilliant lyrics belted out from this tiny frame made for one sexy song with ‘I know it’ attitude. After a very succinct instrument change to her favourite ukulele she sang of emotional insecurities but also of affirmation.Life Vest brought a smile to everyone’s face.

Moving on to a more upbeat Brighter Star, then a firm favourite Looking for Lois with the kind of witty rhymes, memorable lyrics and melody that you find yourself singing long after. Slave was “for all of us who’ve met someone just a little bit babelicious”. Following a mishap with her sixth string on the last song Daisy very enthusiastically winged it with a surprising and brilliant cover of LMFAO’s Sexy and I Know It. This girl truly wears her heart on her guitar (or ukulele).


Wayne Dawson and Daisy Woollett played at The Black Swan on Monday 25th May 2015