Derren Brown at York Opera House

Derren Brown is currently in the midst of six performances of his latestMiracle show at The Grand Opera House York. The fact that each one is practically sold out shows just how legendary the man’s performances are. Our reviewer went along to Tuesday night’s performance to have her mind blown. 

By Jane Howkins

Derren Brown is a hard one to review. Before each show he asks the audience and any possible reviewers present to refrain from talking about what goes on in each performance, so as not to spoil it for others. However, those who have seen a performance of his before will know what to expect.

As usual, he performed a wide range of tricks that astounded the audience, ranging from the simple to the complex. Derren focused on using the audience as participants for much of the show, which both helped to prove that he wasn’t using any stooges, and also allowed for people to get involved.

While the first half of the show was based more around individual illusions and tricks, the second part of the show had more of an overall theme, like the majority of shows that Derren has performed in the past. Not much can be said about the theme so as not to spoil it for anyone wishing to go and see another performance, but there was a focus on evangelical healing, explaining the title of the show.

An interesting thing about Derren is that he never claims to be psychic, but acknowledges the fact that everything he does (while being mind blowing) is faked. This linked in particularly well to the theme of the evening, and it was a breath of fresh air to see such a magician performing these astounding tricks with the use of psychology and the power of suggestion.

As well as being a fabulous magician and illusionist, Derren also has a certain charm about him. His witty banter and japes managed to light up the stage and keep all eyes on him throughout. Definitely a show worth seeing, and one that will leave your brain ticking overtime at just how he managed to do his tricks.


Derren Brown performed at York Opera House on Tuesday 14 July 2015