PPY10 at The Fulford Arms

It’s not surprising that local promoters Please Please You have been putting on gigs now for over 10 years, even if they can’t quite believe it themselves. To celebrate, they’ll be throwing a weekender at The Fulford Arms on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 of August with a cracking line up of their friends old and new.

On Friday 21 August, the celebration will open at 7.30pm and host Theo Verney, Soma Crew and Wolf Solent.
Brighton rock n roll prodigy Theo Verney returns to York after a triumphant performance at last year’s YO1 Festival. His new EP Brain Discease was released on Mount Olympus Recordings in June. He has spent the last 18 months building excitement and anticipation across the UK and Europe with his balls-out, psyche-infused rock n roll shows. Theo most recently opened for Two Gallants across Europe and with Hanni El Khatib in the UK.
Soma Crew are the most perfect cohesion of motorik rhythms, shoegaze-y guitar crescendos and blurry, hypnotic drawl. A combination that could easily be dull, but Soma Crew deliver with precision, invigorating ears, feet and mind in equal measure.
Evolving from guitar-loops, intricate sequencing and delayed vox psychedelia into a guitar and drums garage-psych beast, Danny Barton’s Wolf Solent project is evolving in some style. Live, they somehow manage to maintain the delicacies of his recorded output and add a dynamic propulsion not previously witnessed. The results are swirling, literate head-music, whilst embracing a lo-fi, bedroom pop aesthetic.

Saturday will open around midday and have bands, food and DJs throughout the day and into the night. Tickets are available now for Friday and Saturday separately or there are a small number of weekend tickets available too.

Please Please You urges all to come celebrate with them… you’ve got them this far!
We can’t wait for this one.
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PPY10 takes place at The Fulford Arms on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 August 2015