Please Please You 10 at The Fulford Arms

The Fulford Arms was baked in sunshine for the celebration of ten years of Joe Coates’ Please Please You promoting alternative musical entertainment in the North East and beyond. On Saturday, PPY10 offered an incredible line up plus a whole host of DJs and party antics through to the early hours.

By Blue Wilson
Photos by Andy Argyle


Kicking off the event were York based (normally a trio but today a duo) band JUNK. The room filled to Estella Adeyeri’s angelic vocals and the talented Danny Barton on drums. As the set continued their quirky lyrics interspersed with melancholic songs and indie vibes gradually built into a crescendo with Distraction and Car and a new, yet untitled song.

Rousing voluminous sounds came from Portuguese sister act Pega Monstro (Julia and Maria Reis). Impressive drums and guitar mixed with echoic vocals, strange submersible beeps and reverberations delivered foot stomping, intense punk indie and dreamy haunting songs. Branca provided truly ‘give it to us’ beats. They are certainly one to watch!

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Missing Kids offered more deep thumping beats from drummer Steph combined with bittersweet thoughtful and lulling lyrics and melodies from Dave on guitar/vocals. Mouthwash was upbeat and buoyant whilst melodic Football,Down/Round and Speedreader had a nineties Placebo vibe. Using clever pauses, and rolling drums, these songs are for the city at night.

The volume was cranked up for four piece Azuma Vega with a big dirty thudding bass – the kind that gets your heart going. All Together was head pumping, deafening rock that vibrated through the soul. The raw rough stuff that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your everything.

Seasoned with grit, guts and “grrrrr”, Soma Crew brought transatlantic killer soundscapes with Vital Signs. With palpitation inducing bass and guitar these guys belt it out like their amps depend on it. There is also a tinge of country blues with Kiss Is It then breaking into a more indie sound and the intentionally monotonous beat of Prize Fighter. Climaxing with raucous shrieking, screeching strings; this hungry crowd is not left wanting for long.


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Pega Monstro

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Azuma Vega

Wolf Solent with vocals from JUNK’s Danny Barton employed synths and sampled electro bleeps with familiar submersible echoes. Swaying, hypnotic melodies and infectious hooks, like a dirty romantic Lynchian soundtrack placating you one minute then driving you grinning headlong into oblivion the next. Truly great song-writing and a galloping end to the set.

After a stormy interlude came a change of channel with the extremely talented Scottish singer, songwriter and composer C Duncan. Accompanied by keyboards/synths, drums, guitars, occasional clapping and incredible (sometime whistling) vocalists. A nod to alt-J with charming choral harmonies, contemporary lo-fi folk and indie dream-pop melodies. The room moved to And I and Garden with Architect hinting at eighties sci-fi and fantasy film compositions.

A further shift as Sunderland’s SLUG sails onto the stage replete with sailor suits and interesting percussion. More synth, pop vibes and film score nuances, breaking into heavy guitar and jerky quirky harmonies and melodies. Catchy floor filling choruses and a comedic improv during a minor glitch all bring smiles. Dancing ensued during Loose Teeth andRunning to Get Past Your Heart then a more sinister At Least Show That You Care. Ian Black was refreshingly entertaining.


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Improvising slightly was the mighty Avenging Force. After a short presentation to Joe Coates, these fellas looked ready to make some big trashed up deaf inducing noise! A surprising intro then some trucker cap Americana with heavily stained bad ass rock guitars and riffs. Imagine Weezer meets Royal Blood, inciting everyone onto their feet. Quality, often repetitive, screeching instrumentals make up for a lack of lyrics. These are men of few words, but who needs words when you can growl and have proper head banging, thrashing, call the police rock?

The room was left suitably sated from this twister of a set following sunshine, storms, and emotions. A celebration was had by all for this decade of PPY.


PPY10 took place at The Fulford Arms on Saturday 22 August 2015