Adam French at The Basement

Cheshire born singer songwriter Adam French headed to The Basement in York on Tuesday to perform a solo show of his soulful pop tunes. Also heading up the bill were York University alumni Crispin Halcrow and Sam Griffiths, who both performed great sets.

By Jane Howkins

Photos by Andy Argyle 


Crispin Halcrow was on first, performing songs that in his own words were rather depressing. However, the audience was captive throughout, and whilst his songs may have been dark, they were also rather moving at the same time, with a talent for fingerpicking shown by Crispin on his guitar. Near the end of his set, Crispin switched from playing guitar to ukulele, showing how diverse he could be. A cover of Billy Joel’s And So It Goes hinted at some of Crispin’s influences, and whilst a relative newcomer to the York scene, he will be one to watch out for in the future.

Sam Griffiths was up next, performing with friend and Double Bass player Bradley Blackwell. Sam is well known in York, especially amongst the folk and acoustic scene so many of the people in the audience had probably seen him play before and he did not disappoint. Sam was absolutely captivating and is a fiercely talented young man who wears his heart on his sleeve when performing his beautiful folk tunes. He can often be found playing at various open mic nights and similar evenings around the city, and should definitely be checked out if you haven’t already.


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Crispin Halcrow

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Sam Griffiths


Lastly, it was the turn of headliner Adam French to play. He seemed to have quite the fanbase turn out for the evening, with a gaggle of followers cheering him on and a number of fans there that had followed him around the country on tour. However, there was substance to Adam as well as style, with him demonstrating a great deal of talent by playing the bass guitar and keyboard as well as a normal guitar.


Particular favourites of the evening were Ivory andHunter, both of which went down a storm with the crowd and demonstrated Adam’s ability to play with both technicality and soul. Adam’s music straddles genre lines with elements of folk, pop and electronica present in his songwriting, and considering his already enthusiastic fanbase and talent, it would be fair to expect to see Adam performing on much bigger stages in the near future.


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Adam French


Crispin Halcrow, Sam Griffiths and Adam French played at The Basement on Tuesday 26 January 2016