Top 3 //14 Apr 2016

The three events you shouldn’t miss this week.

Harrison Rimmer

Lendal Cellars

Friday 22nd April, 7.30pm

The very talented Harrison Rimmer is back for yet another show, and this time at a slightly different locale from last time – Lendal Cellars. As many of you will already know, Harrison puts a lot of effort into what he does, so this is sure to be a good show for those without something to do on a Friday night!

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The Smoke of Home

Clifford’s Tower

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 April, 8 pm

University of York students will put on this recently rediscovered play written by two Czech-Jewish inmates of Terezin, the Nazi concentration camp. Calling on the history of Clifford’s Tower will give additional depth to the already layered narrative to asks the question: do survivors have a home to return to?

Performing the Jewish Archive website

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Holy Moly & The Crackers, The Bramble Napskins & Gobbledigook

The Crescent 

Wednesday 20 April, 7.30 pm

Next week Please Please You presents an incredible line-up for a folk night out: Holy Moly and The Cracks, a Newcastle Gypsy Folk n’ Roll band, who’ve had the honours of supporting legends such as Bob Dylan; York locals The Bramble Napskins, who’s influences include Tom Waits to Abba; and another Yorkist Goobledigook, an act not to be missed.

Please Please You website 


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