Glass Mountain, Glacial E.P.

Bradford based band Glass Mountain are set to release their début record soon, with E.P. Glacial to be released on June 10th of this year. Whilst only five tracks long, the young band’s first release is rather impressive for a first-timer, with a couple of the songs reaching anthemic climaxes and displaying impressive melodies for a new band.

By Jane Howkins

The five tracks presented here are nothing you won’t have heard before, however Glass Mountain manage to put their own spin on modern rock, with the band reaching broadly (and perhaps even bravely) towards the stratosphere with this E.P. Whilst there are elements of modern indie and rock bands in here, it is quite hard to describe just who the band are influenced by (apart from perhaps a little bit of U2), which while occasionally sounding generic, also manages to make Glacial stand apart.

One thing interesting about this release is that whilst it is essentially a rock/indie record, there are also acoustic and folk elements in there, with piano riffs and an acoustic guitar being prevalent, especially during the intro to song Birds In Heart.

The stand-out track from Glacial is also the title track of the E.P., which the band released as the lead single from the release, a rather courageous effort considering that the song is a seven minute track that slowly builds up into a climax, before coming back down again with a pretty piano tune to lead the track out. However, whilst releasing this song as the lead single might be seen as brave, the band seem to have pulled such a feat off, as it works well and keeps the listener’s interest peaked throughout.

Glass Mountain are certainly ambitious, and it will be rather interesting to see if they can continue such work on their next release, and come into their own a little more along the way.



Glass Mountain’s E.P.Glacial will be released on Friday 10 June 2016