Safe Side, Blossom


Blossom is the second E.P. from Essex pop-punk band Safe Side (with their debut release being the Everything You Never Wanted E.P.), and for a second effort, it’s certainly impressive.

By Jane Howkins

The four tracks on the E.P. (Framework, In My Place, Resolve, and Wilt) all play well within the genre, and whilst Blossom won’t change the world, it’s still summery pop-punk that will  provide something entertaining to listen to over Summer.

One thing of interest is the voice of lead singer Frank Yates’, which is undeniably British – something that is often lacking in the genre. Pop-punk bands are well known for singing with an American twang and pronunciation, so it’s refreshing to hear a band using their own accents and being true to who they are. It also helps to distinguish them from the vast array of pop-punk bands currently playing. There seems to have been something of a revival of the genre recently, and sometimes the music of such bands can be rather generic. Occasionally, Blossom does veer into that sort of territory, but the band soon manage to bring their music out of that pitfall. With a few more release, the safe aspects should be surely placed in their past.

There’s a few different tempos at work here, which is refreshing  to hear , as it helps to provide a bit of variety to what can otherwise be a one tempo (in a fast sense) genre. Tracks Wilt and Framework manage to switch speeds quite often throughout, whist In My Place is more of a typical pop-punk fare in terms of timing. In My Place is definitely one of the best songs on this E.P., and if you only check out a couple of tracks by this band, we recommend that one and Resolve, as there is a lot of promise shown on those songs for the future of Safe Side.



Safe Side’s E.P. Blossom will be released on Wednesday 15 July 2016