Video: California Love by A Joker’s Rage

Can a face painted heavy rock band pull off a cover by Tupac and Dr Dre?


The answer is: if it’s A Joker’s Rage they can.


An up-and-coming, wildly energetic and diverse band from the North of England grabbing 2016 by the proverbials, A Joker’s Rage are creating a buzz like no other.


They recently took the time to record a popular cover that they throw down as a finale to their live show which wows audiences every time. The band’s version of California Love sticks to the driving riffs and swaggering beat of the original while throwing something purely rock and roll into the mix, plus a few self-referential lyrics.


Lead vocalist Zakk explains:


“When we do a cover, we do something unexpected and this tune is a banger! The fans love it and the demand for us to record it has been insane. Hip hop inspires us, as does every genre of music. If you’re going to do a cover, make it your own and do something out of the normal comfort barriers.”


The video for the track plays over footage of their live performances in Fibbers and a few other York musicians make an appearance, all with their #gameface on. See how many you can spot in the video below.