Etches, Wall of Sleep

Liverpool indie electronica band Etches launches their new E.P Wall of Sleep, already releasing a new single Love is with a reminiscing sound.

By Jane Howkins

Wall Of Sleep was released by Liverpudlian band Etches in Spring of this year, and it sounds like a record that could have been made in the 1980s, instead of in the 21st century. The band seems to have been influenced a lot by music from that era, but instead of sounding backwards, they have managed to combine those 80s influences with more modern day electronica, making for an interesting mix of sounds on this E.P.

At first listen, the group’s music sounds minimalistic, but repeated listens will reveal that that isn’t the case, and the listener will be rewarded for keeping with the band. The five-piece are obviously extremely creative, and there’s so much going on in Wall Of Sleep, that it is impossible to take it all in at once. The band also seem to have some very diverse influences, as whilst previously mentioned there are big hints of 1980s dance music and modern day electronica here, there are also elements of progressive rock, post-punk, and indie rock presented, with song Do Nothing showing off the band’s more contemporary side.

Electronic/dance based music can be looked down on by music critics, with them sometimes citing it as being a bit bland or meaningless. However, Etches have managed to turn that around and create something meaningful and creative out of their art, with the music they make containing some beautiful harmonies and melodies. Lyrically, the band are also quite interesting, with some quite in-depth themes being spoken about. Examples of this include Human Facade, in which differences in human sexuality and promiscuity are discussed, as well as on My New Empire, a track about escapism which ironically manages also to take the listener off to another world by way of music.

An impressive release from the five-piece, and nice to see a band from the electronica genre embracing creativity a bit more.

Etches E.P Wall of Sleep will be released on the 6th November 2016.