Mason Hill E.P

 Mason Hill is a fairly new heavy rock band on the scene whose first E.P takes on a modern twist on classic America rock.

By Jane Howkins

Mason Hill are a relatively new rock band from Glasgow, who released their début self-titled E.P. at the end of last year. Since then, the band have gained a slight buzz around their name, so we thought it was time to take a listen and give the Mason Hill E.P. a well deserved review.

The band’s music would generally be classified as hard rock or classic rock, but there are also hints of grunge, metal and 80’s metal in there as well. In particular, the band are reminiscent of acts such as Alter Bridge and their ilk, with Scott Allen’s vocals particularly suiting the sound they are going for (he sounds like a cross between M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold, Axl Rose of Guns ‘N’ Roses, and Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge). The guitar riffs are meaty and full of grooves, again showing some of the musical influences the band have.

The first three tracks on the E.P. are your typical hard rock affair, occasionally coming off as slightly safe, but that is to be expected from a first release. First song Survive is blistering in its intensity, and a great opening song that grabs the listeners attention straight away. The tempo doesn’t let up for the next couple of tracks, with Your Memory and Now You See Me continuing the trend of the E.P. These songs give the impression of a band that is probably very good and very confident live, especially for the head bangers in the audience. Now You See Me was in fact the band’s first single, which went down extremely well with critics and fans alike, and shows the potential Mason Hill have to become a big name in the classic rock genre.

Last track Where I Belong mixes things up a little bit by slowing the tempo down and creating a softer sound, with Allen’s singing taking on a more poetic aspect to it. This is a nice change after the intensity of the other three tracks, and it shows that the band have more to them than just heavy songs, which can be where a few bands occasionally fail when starting out. If Mason Hill can keep the momentum about them going, and keep producing music of this standard, then they may be able to carve out their own little niche in this market.

Mason Hill E.P Mason Hill is now available.