A Tribute to The Moody Blues

On Friday 8 July, Legends of a Band featuring five world-class musicians, singers and songwriters including former members of The Moody Blues Gordy Marshall and Paul Bliss performed at the Grand Opera House.

By Josh Orme

In a Tribute to The Moody Blues former band members Paul Bliss and Gordy Marshall (who respectively impressed on the keyboard and drums) were joined by ‘I’m Not in Love’ singer and 10cc frontman Mick Wilson, X Factor musical director Tim Maple, and bassist Malcolm Moore (who is currently gracing the West End with his vocal talents on their latest production of Mamma Mia). Their tribute to the Moody Blues included favourites such as ‘Nights in White Satin’, and ‘The Actor’, for which all five musicians engaged in an intimate acoustic arrangement of the song, which was further enhanced by their faultless five part harmonies. Many of the songs contained lovely harmonies, often consisting of a Wilson, Moore, and Bliss triad, and the smooth vocal master class spearheaded by Mick Wilson continued into and throughout the evening.

The band shared some interesting anecdotes to accompany the legendary music they were performing, such as the inspiration for the 1968 song ‘House of Four Doors’. This created another dynamic to the production by offering a brief personal history of the band, while also sharing their musical works, which made for an inclusive night, not only for the Moody Blues fanatic, but for the newcomer. Their comfort on stage was further evident in their genuine crowd interaction, and some humorous remarks involved an alleged period of frivolity whilst the band were writing the song ‘House of Four Doors’ from the 1968 album ‘In Search of The Lost Chord,’, when they were at their apex. In all, the two-hour show was a very enjoyable example of live music by five experienced and talented musicians, who are continuing their tour of the UK throughout July and into November, so a later viewing is definitely encouraged.