Skinny Lister, The Devil, The Heart, & The Fight

Six piece British folk band Skinny Lister are set to release their new album The Devil, The Heart, & The Fight this September.

By Josh Orme.


Six piece folk band Skinny Lister have come together to produce their third album ‘The Devil, The Heart, & The Fight’ due to be released on September 30th. This album seems to have a pop punk edge to it, and the single Wanted from their third album is a great example of how the bands rowdy and contagious folk compositions have been endowed with that pop punk aspect. The album features strong vocals from Dan Heptinstall, and Lorna Thomas, the latter especially so on the song Hamburg Drunk, this song also has a fantastically upbeat and inclusive sound to it. At times Dan’s vocals are very similar to that of Smash Mouth lead singer Steve Harwell, and the ‘All Star’ members perfectly execute some great harmonies and compositions on the tracks.

Highlights definitely include the single Wanted; it’s the opening track on the highly anticipated album and gets it off to a head-banging start that continues throughout. The final song Carry also stands out from the crowd, as it seems to showcase a different side to Dan’s voice (it’s more of a ballad style), rather than the usual bouncy and raucousness present on so many of the other songs on the album.

All in all, this is a must-listen for the avid Skinny Lister fan, with this new chapter in the band’s history seeming to be a stepping stone in the development of their sound, with more of a pop punk vibe than on previous releases such as If The Gaff Don’t Let Us Down and Rollin’ Over, that definitely have more of a folk pedigree.