Tom McKenzie, Tom McKenzie

Singer/songwriter from West Yorkshire Tom McKenzie is set to release his self titled album on the 5th of August.

By Josh Orme

This, the self-titled album by singer-songwriter and musician Tom McKenzie has a refreshingly stripped-back and acoustic sound, and is a delightful change to some of the more over-produced music heard in recent years. The albums folk-like feel combined with Tom’s laid back vocals are reminiscent of a youthful sounding Jack Johnson, with perhaps a splash of Jamie Cullum from a vocal point of view. The album is a great example of Tom’s musical talent (both in terms of performance and production), and alongside some help on drums from Sam Bull on six of the albums ten tracks, he was able to put his album together almost single-handedly.

Album highlights include songs such as Jigsaw Puzzle and Give It a Go. The first due to its melodic sound and infectious chorus, and the second because of its anecdotal format and the fact that the content of the song is highly relatable to many people of a similar age to the artist. This shows that Tom identifies well with his audience, also showcasing that ‘Cullumesque’ grit to his vocals.

The album is well executed and finished off with some beautiful scratchboard art on the cover by Lester Buksh, and is a great indicator of where Tom McKenzie is now, and how he can develop further. Tom is playing shows throughout the month of August – at Lendal Cellars on the 5th (also the day of the album’s release), on the 9th at Glyde House in Bradford (where Tom is from), and on the 18th at the Black Bull in Howarth to name but a few. If you appreciate an evening of entertainment, original acoustic sessions, or want to get an early listen to his new album a visit to one of these is definitely encouraged.