Lion Papers at Fibbers

Local duo Lion Papers performed at Fibbers for the release of their new EP Long Time Coming. They were accompanied and supported by three other local bands: Borderline, Cry Baby and Layke.

By Sophie Grace

Photos by Graeme Smith

Fibbers had a great turn out despite the rain hammering down outside as three-piece band Borderline took to the stage. They were an unusual combination of Korg, drums and bass. Their lead singer who also played the Korg during transmissions had an infectious energy and enjoyed climbing off the stage and joining the crowds as their upbeat and lively sound filled the room. Their most popular song Stupid Games proved that since a year ago when the band first formed they have established a fanbase who recognise and join in with their music.

Followed on from Borderline were Cry Baby, a youthful indie band of five boys who are influenced by bands such as Oasis and Arctic Monkeys. They had a great upbeat style which prepared the audience for the quick tempo of Lion Papers. Their original song Devil in Disguise clearly displayed the talents of each individual and they were extremely grateful for the turnout they received.

Next up was the very talented, alternative band Layke who used limited vocals to focus on their talents as musicians. With an experimentation of sounds combining electronic sounds of the guitar and keys, heavy beat of the drums and the occasional soft vocals which overall created a futuristic and apocalyptic style.

Then the highly-anticipated Lion Papers arrived on stage. With sounds similar to Mumford and Sons, this indie folk duo did not hold back on stage. Their energy was through the roof, especially drummer and lead singer Curtis.

A lot of their songs started slow and built up momentum preparing their audience for their high energy choruses in which neither of them held anything back. They were extremely grateful to their audience who needed no encouragement and were constantly clapping along, and to the bands which supported them both those than performed tonight and the ones there to listen. They also did an amazing tribute to Bowie with an acoustic cover of Heroes which turned lively towards the end.

Overall the duo were incredible with high paced and upbeat music which will have you clapping along and moving your feet at every opportunity.

Borderline, Cry Baby, Layke and Lion Papers played at Fibbers on Wednesday 10 August 2016.