Alex Wedlock , Goodbye Charlie Starr

Young singer-songwriter Alex Wedlock has released his debut single Goodbye Charlie Starr on Chris Miley’s Snaith-based record label Strange Reality Music, and we were invited to listen.

By Blue Wilson

Hailing from Hull, Alex is currently gigging around Yorkshire, writing and spending time in the studio singing, playing piano, guitar and harmonica with ‘delusions of grandeur’ as he modestly puts it. He is also now excited to have released this first recording with fantastic B-sides Mermaids and Pandora featuring a live piano/bass/drums trio. He has been working with Chris of Strange Reality Music Productions, who runs projects with young up and coming and also established bands and solo artists. These include Fiona Lee, Molly Curtis, Colours And The Kids, Alice Wybrant, The Alyscamps, Laurel Canyons (formerly In Fear of Olive), Holly Taymar, David Ward Maclean, Joe Solo and Route 19.

Having performed at Beverley Folk Festival, Loudhailer Acoustic, Selby Town Hall, Snaithfest and a host of small venues, Alex shows real promise with this initial offering. All following on from a brief spell as an award-winning comedian! True apparently, and he does convey a certain comedic charm in his lyrics and delivery. He has a true gift for language and leftfield observations, the results of which are quirky and imaginative songs that evoke powerful emotions, scenarios and characters with ease.

On Charlie Starr Alex is joined by Luke Harrison on drums, Faris Sami on guitar and producer Chris Miley on bass, while B-side Mermaids is co-written with Sam Bishop. You may be forgiven for thinking the A-side is a salute to Blackberry Smoke, sometimes referred to as Southern Rock, band’s guitarist Charlie Starr. The song makes a swift U-turn however and Alex’s jocular perspective kicks in. This is it seems an obituarial tribute to a supposedly make believe musical maiden and her tragic demise, sung from the position of a grieving sycophantic admirer or maybe her partner. His everlasting fondness for the mystery songstress is emphasised not just in words but with a theatrical shift in tempo throughout the track. Alex is clearly influenced stylistically and lyrically by Pulp with this inaugural piece. Gentle piano intro’ leads into crashing guitars and drums in a rousing rock style but then ceases to a surprising Jarvisesque type vocals. A simple piano accompaniment again and then bass and drums rupture through and fluctuate on and off like this as if playing out the push/pull of the protagonists heartstrings. You can imagine Alex adding to the drama of this tale with his live performance which we look forward to witnessing in the very near future in venues in and around York and beyond. But just who we wonder is Charlie Starr?


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