Cove, We Once Were Lost.

Kent metalcore band Cove release their debut E.P. We Once Were Lost.

By Jane Howkins.

Kent hardcore mob Cove have just released their début E.P. We Once Were Lost, and for such a new band it’s certainly an impressive release.

The band got together at the end of 2015, so to already be releasing an E.P. that sounds this good is amazing. They released a single in August entitled An Honour which also features on the mini-album and fits in well with the rest of the songs. Cove have been described as a hardcore band, but the music they make is more suited towards the metal side of things than hardcore punk – although nowadays it’s quite common for people to lump hardcore and metal together stylistically which may be the reason for this. Certainly, the music Cove make is along the metalcore lines, however for the most part We Once Were Lost doesn’t dive into the pitfalls of the genre like many bands tend to do when starting out, with the furious riffage giving a nice metallic edge to proceedings.

For those looking for something more along the hardcore punk lines, track Found At Last features a bit more of a similar sound, whilst still retaining the metal style populated by later proponents of the genre. The song also shows off some of Cove’s groove-laden riffs, which are present on most of the tracks here, with Buried being particularly interesting in this way.

Whilst the majority of the E.P. is very fast and frenetic, there are slower, more sombre elements which give the band an almost post-hardcore sound – but in terms of the more experimental side of that instead of the emo part (which is actually pretty different to what post-hardcore was originally supposed to be). Sonder is one such track, starting off with a nice little picked out riff and clean vocals, before ramping the tension right up. It’s a nice break from the action, and despite being the 5th track out of seven, still manages to act as an interlude between riffs.

A very impressive first release for a band that haven’t been together for very long. The only criticism is that it’s a little generic but there are definitely signs that this could change and if they followed the post-hardcore route a bit more then their experimental side (and it sounds like there is one buried somewhere) might come out!