You Know The Drill, Losing Streak.

Five-piece pop punk band You Know the Drill release their debut E.P. Losing Streak out on the 28th  October.

By Jane Howkins.

For those not in the know, You Know The Drill are a five piece pop-punk band from Worcestershire, and Losing Streak is their first ever E.P. – due to be released at the end of October.

For a first release, it’s pretty damn impressive. Most of the time when a band releases something for the first time it tends to be rather basic – in terms of both production and songwriting. On Losing Streak however, You Know The Drill have managed to buck that trend, as both of the aforementioned elements sound great and seem like the work of a much more experienced band. In terms of production, the E.P. sounds fresh and crisp, avoiding the pitfall that many bands make nowadays on a first release of being either too clean or too raw.

The songwriting and musicality of the group also sounds good, with tracks Peer Pressure and Less Than You being particular favourites (and the two songs you should check out first if unsure about buying the E.P.) Less Than You starts off with a sound not unlike that of early to mid period New Found Glory, before leading to an extremely catchy chorus. Peer Pressure is no different, featuring a fantastic intro and verse structure that’ll get stuck in your head in no time. There is one slight issue with the song, and that’s that it sounds very much like another song from the genre, although we can’t quite put our fingers on what the song it is at the moment so it could just be that it’s a little generic, but even so it’s still a great pop-punk tune.

They mix things up a little with Repose, starting out at a much slower tempo than the other four tracks on the E.P., before speeding up again after a while. Other than that, most of the music on Losing Streak is at a similar speed, and it’s something that pop-punk fans will lap up. Whilst a little generic at times (which is perhaps to be expected at such an early stage in You Know The Drill’s career), this is still well worth a listen for fans of the genre, and the future certainly looks bright for the Worcester band!

Losing Streak will be available on the 28th October.