Six Time Champion – More Than Me

More Than Me is the new E.P. by Brighton pop-punks Six Time Champion, and it makes for very interesting listening indeed!

By Jane Howkins

Six Time Champion have been going for a few years now, with More Than Me being their third EP release (after their first two, titled Let Me In and Expecting Honesty). Over the years they have slowly crafted their own brand of pop-punk to almost perfection, with this, their latest release, being a step further in the right direction. First song Lost opens the record perfectly, being a short, sharp stab of poppy perfection with the riffs to match the hooks. The hooks continue throughout the rest of the EP through to closer Doubt, which bookends More Than Me with another whammy of sharp pop-punk riffs and sing-a-long vocals.

The three tracks in the middle don’t stray too far from the template that the band have set themselves, but they do differ ever so slightly. Down and Every Angle have an almost hardcore punk bent to them, which is nice (if unexpected) to see in a band of this genre, and it’s something we would like to see more of. Uneasy is a little different, being the stock example of a ‘soft’ pop-punk song and possibly the least enjoyable of the tracks here, as it falls into the pitfall of being a bit too soppy, something that often pulls down groups of this genre.

However, the rest of the EP is fun and if you like pop-punk then you will probably like this, or at least a few tracks from it. More Than Me is a bit generic but if Six Time Champion can overcome that then they may have what it takes to make it to the top.

More Than Me by Six Time Champion was released on 14 October 2016, available here