Towers – Towers

Bristol quartet Towers have just released their latest record – a self-titled EP featuring three fantastic pop-punk tracks, which bode very well for the band’s future.

By Jane Howkins

The pop-punk that Towers play is very much within the British style that has developed over the last two decades or so. Instead of being speedy all the time like most punk styled music is often thought to be, Towers have an alt-rock twist to their music, with vocalist Jay Parker contributing greatly to that with his soulful vocals.

Parker’s vocals are one of the stand-out things about Towers, with his voice similar in style to that of Josh Franceschi from You Me At Six, something that is definitely a good thing. Parker’s style of singing is a little generic at times but that is to be expected somewhat of the genre and with some more experience that should change.

The band are already showing signs of moving against the pop-punk grain as Otherside, the second track on Towers, is very different to the other two songs here. While Could Have and Titan are both what you would expect from such a band (and they are very catchy), Otherside strays from that by starting off with a soft, lengthy intro that progresses into a full song about a minute in. Even when the song properly kicks in, the tempos are still in a slow vein and make for rather interesting listening considering that Towers are supposed to be a pop-punk band.

The other two songs are great too, and, while they can be a little generic, this is altogether a fantastic EP for a new (ish) band starting out! We are intrigued to find out what Towers do next.

Towers by Towers was released on 30 September 2016, available on iTunes